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Cisco 7941 User Manual

Dewalt ip phone user manual
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Cisco IP Phone 7941/7942/7961/7962 Users
Cisco phone model
LCD screen
Line / speed-dial button
Foot stand adjustment
Directories button
Question button
Settings button
Speaker button
Mute button
10 Headset button
11 Volume button
12 Services button
13 Messages button
14 Navigation button
15 Keypad
16 Soft keys buttons
Shows the Cisco Unified IP phone model number.
Displays information such as call status, phone number, and soft key tabs.
Opens a new line, speed-dials a phone number, or ends a call.
Allows you to adjust the angle of the phone base.
Provides access to phone directories.
Get help about button by pressing this button and then press the button
you want help with. The help information will appear in the LCD screen.
Provides access to phone settings such as display contrast and ring type.
Toggles the speaker on and off.
Toggles mute on and off.
Toggles the headset on and off.
Increases or decreases handset, headset, ringer, or speakerphone volume
depending upon which feature is currently active.
Provides access to phone services.
Provides access to the voice mail system.
Scrolls through text and selects features that are displayed on the LCD
Functions like a traditional telephone keypad.
Engages the functions displayed on the corresponding LCD tabs.
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Summary of Contents for Cisco 7941

  • Page 1 Cisco IP Phone 7941/7942/7961/7962 Users Name Cisco phone model LCD screen Line / speed-dial button Foot stand adjustment Directories button Question button Settings button Speaker button Mute button 10 Headset button 11 Volume button 12 Services button 13 Messages button...
  • Page 2 17 Handset with indicator light Operating Your Cisco 7961 IP Phone Basic: Place a Call To place a call, use one of the following methods: • Lift the handset and dial the number. • Dial the number and then lift the handset.
  • Page 3 To redial the most recently dialed number, use one of the following methods: • Lift the handset and press the Redial soft key. • Press the Redial soft key to dial using the speakerphone. Page 3 of 6 5/5/2009...
  • Page 4: Manage Call Waiting

    Place a Call on Hold To place a call on hold while on the call, press the Hold soft key. To retrieve a held call: Press the Resume soft key. If multiple calls are on hold, use the Navigation button to select the desired call then press Resume. If multiple lines are on hold, press the line button for the line that you want to pick up.
  • Page 5: Forward All Calls

    Transfer a Call Transfer a selected call to another number in one of two ways: • Blind transfer—Immediately redirects the call without allowing you to speak to the transfer recipient. • Consult transfer—Redirects the call after first allowing you to announce the call to the transfer recipient.
  • Page 6 Retrieve Voice Mail Messages Press the Messages button, and follow the voice instructions. Join Existing Calls Together To join calls together, perform the following steps: 1. Place calls on hold. 2. Use the Navigation button to highlight one of the callers. 3.

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