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Cisco 7961 Quick Start Manual page 3

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Cisco 7961 & 7941 IP Phone Quick Start Guide
Basic Call Functions
Placing a Call
Answering a Call
To reject the call
Ending a Call
Cisco IP 7961 & 7941 User Guide
Dial '0' to get a line out
You can make a call with the IP Phone in any of the following ways:
Lift the handset and dial the number
Dial the number without lifting the handset, then press the Dial
soft button
Press a line
button and dial the number
If using a headset, press HEADSET
If using the Speaker, press SPEAKER
Press the more soft button and then the NewCall soft button
and dial the number (this method works for all speaker modes –
handset, headset or speaker)
Press the directories
Scroll with the Navigation button or press the relevant
number to highlight the desired
Directory – missed, received and placed calls
Press the Select soft button, to search for and
highlight the entry you require
Press the Dial soft button
You can answer a call using the handset, headset (if you have a
headset connected), or speaker.
To use the handset, lift the handset
To use a headset, press HEADSET
To use Speaker, press the Answer soft button or SPEAKER
Press the DND soft button
This will send the call to the next answering point, e.g. voicemail or
another extension, if configured.
You can end the current call by: -
If using the handset, hang up the handset.
If using the headset, press the EndCall soft button (this method
works for all speaker modes – handset, headset or speaker)
If using Speaker, press SPEAKER
Version 2.0
button and dial the
button and dial the
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