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Cisco 7941 Quick Reference Manual
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Cisco IP Phone 7941/7961
Quick Reference Guide
Making and Receiving Calls
Making a Call –
one of the following:
Lift Handset and dial a number
Press the [New Call] Softkey and dial a number
Press the Speaker Button and dial a number
Answering a Call –
one of the following:
Lift Handset
Press the [Answer] Softkey
Press the Speaker Button
Ending a Call –
one of the following:
Hang up the Handset
Press the [End Call] Softkey
Press the Speaker Button
Lift handset and press the [Redial] Softkey
Press the [Redial] key alone to make call from the
During a Call Press the Mute Button to activate
Press the Mute Button again to cancel
Call Pickup
To answer another's phone within your "pickup
group", when the phone rings:
Lift your Handset or press the Speaker Button
Press the [More] Softkey
Press the [Pickup] Softkey
Press the [Answer] Softkey to connect the call
Call Back
If you call a number which is engaged, you can set
your phone to ring when the number becomes
Dial the number and listen for the engaged tone
Press the 'services' key
Use the Navigation button to select Callback/Ring
Press the [Select] Softkey
You will see a message on the screen confirming
'Your ringback request has been activated'
When the caller is available, your phone will briefly
ring once
Lift your handset or press the Speaker Button to
automatically dial and connect you
Making Calls via Call History Directories
Press the Directories Button to display the directory
Use the scroll keys to highlight the desired call history
option – Missed Calls, Received Calls or Placed Calls
Press the [Select] softkey
To speed dial a number in list, use the scroll keys to
highlight, press Dial
Placing a Conference Call
Make a call to the first party of the conference
During this call Press the [More] Key, then the
[Confrn] Softkey
Place a call to another party
When the party answers, press the [Confrn] Softkey
again to add the party to the call.
Repeat the process to add additional parties
LCSS Network Services Group
Holding and Transferring Calls
Place a call on hold
Press the [Hold] Softkey
Retrieve a Call from Hold
Press the [Resume] Softkey
Transferring a Call
During a call Press the [Transfer] Softkey followed by
the destination number
When the number begins to ring, press [Transfer]
again and hang-up
Announced Transfer
When the party answers, announce the call, press
[Transfer], and hang-up
Forwarding all Calls
Press the [CFwdAll] Softkey and enter the
destination number
Cancel Forwarding
Press the [CFwdAll] Softkey
Parking a Call
Call parking allows you to answer a call at your desk
and put the caller on hold in order to resume the
conversation in another location.
During a call Press the [More] Softkey until you see
the Park tab
Press the [Park] Softkey
Note the park call number on the LCD display
To retrieve the parked call, dial the parked call number
from any phone



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