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Electrolux 315 Operator's Manual page 8

Chain saw
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• Double-insulated! Your electric chain saw is double-insulated for added protection against electric shock.
A double-insulated electric tool is designed with two separate «layers» of electrical insulation or one layer
of insulation of double thickness between the operator and the tool's conducting parts. Double-insulated
tools do not use earthed mains connections and may therefore be connected to any normal 220-240 VAC
outlet. Observe the same precautions required with all electric tools. Double insulation gives added protection
only against defective insulation.
• Tighten chain firmly but not so hard that it does not turn easily by hand.
• Use chain saw only on wood. Do not attempt to cut metal, plastic, masonry
or any non-wood building materials. Do not use the guide bar to push away
branches, roots or other objects.
• Ensure that you can move and stand safely at all times. Watch out for roots,
stones, branches, holes, mounds and so forth when moving around. Be
particularly careful when working on slopes. Work with the trunk to your right,
keeping the log between you and the guide bar. Always grip your chain saw
with both hands, holding it as close to your body as possible for best control.
Wherever possible, let the log take the weight of the chain saw. Always keep
the log between you and the guide bar when moving forward.
• Do not bear down hard when cutting. With the chain properly sharpened, light
pressure is sufficient. Forcing the saw at the end of a cut can make you lose
control when you break through.
• Secure short logs before sawing.
• Show particular care when cutting small branches, and avoid sawing bushes or many small branches at
once. Small branches can get caught in the chain with a violent jerk and cause serious personal injury.
• We recommend limiting tree diameter to guide bar length so that the NOTCH and FELLING CUT may
be done with single cuts.
(See «Technical Specifications» for recommended guide bar lengths for your chain saw model).
• Disconnect power supply before servicing chain saw.
• Your chain saw complies with all relevant safety standards. Repairs should be performed only by qualified
service personnel using only original parts.
• Examine saw closely for damaged parts before use to avoid malfunctions and to ensure safe and efficient
operation. Verify that all moving parts are fitted and adjusted correctly. Except for the maintenance described
in this operator's manual, damaged parts must be replaced at an authorized service centre. Defective
power triggers are to be replaced by authorized service personnel. Do not operate the saw if the power
trigger does not work properly.
• Store the chain saw in a safe, dry place out of the reach of children, with the power disconnected and the
guide bar scabbard in place.



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