Safe Use - Electrolux 315 Operator's Manual

Chain saw
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Never operate a chain saw with one hand only. Doing so may lead to i serious injury
to operator, helpers or bystanders. An electric chain saw is designed for operation
with both hands.
Use of accessories not conforming to the recommendations outlined in the
Operating Instructions could lead to injury.
• Dress safely. Avoid jewellery and loose-fitting clothing, which may be caught in moving
parts. Approved safety mitts and sturdy footwear which gives a good footing are
recommended (also for helpers).
Wear: - Approved face mask or safety goggles
- Approved hearing protection
- Approved helmet
- Approved safety boots with protective reinforcement,
steel toecap and non-slip soles
- Clothing which is snug without hampering movement
- Approved gloves with protective reinforcement
Always keep a first-aid kit on hand!
• See to it that others keep their distance as long as the chain is in motion. Keep
onlookers, children and animals away from the work area. Do not let inexperienced
persons handle the chainsaw or power cable.
• Keep work area clear and well-lighted. Do not operate chain saw under wet or humid
conditions, around water or in rain or snow. Ingress of moisture into the motor can
cause short-circuiting.
• Show caution, care and common sense. Do not operate the chain saw when you are tired or under the
influence of alcohol or drugs which may affect vision, judgement or physical control. Keep all body parts
well away from the chain as long as the motor is running. Always ensure that the chain is not touching
anything before starting the chain saw.
• Be on your guard against electric shock. Avoid touching metal objects imbedded in or in electrical contact
with the ground.
• Do not abuse power cables. Never lift or carry the chain saw by the power cable, and never disconnect the
power by jerking on the cable. Keep cable away from water, oil and sharp objects. Avoid crushing cable in
or against doors, fences, or other metal objects which can conduct electricity.
• Inspect the chain saw and power cable before use. Do not use a chain saw with a damaged cable.
it repaired by qualified service personnel. Keep handles clean, dry and free of grease and oil.
• See to it that all tools are removed from the chain saw before connecting the power.
• Ensure that the extension cord is in good condition and approved for outdoor use. It must be of sufficient
dimension for the chain saw's rated power.
• When carrying the chain saw, stop the motor, keep your finger AWAY from the power trigger and turn the
saw with the guide bar to the rear and pointing away from your body.
• Connect chain saw to a power supply equipped with a current-operated earth-fault protection device.




Table of Contents

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