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Clearing Branches/Line Of Retreat; Felling - Electrolux 315 Operator's Manual

Chain saw


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Clearing branches/Line of retreat

Planned Direction of fall
Remove any branches from around the base of the tree which may interfere
with your work. It is safest to work from the top down and to keep the tree
Danger zone
trunk between you and the running chain. Never cut branches above shoulder
height. Clear undergrowth around the tree and identify your line of retreat or
escape, taking note of any obstructions (stones, branches, holes, etc.). Your
line of retreat should be at an angle, around 135° behind the direction of fall.
Danger zone


Three cuts are made to fell a tree. The «TOP NOTCH CUT» and the «BOTTOM» or «HORIZONTAL
NOTCH CUT» form the «NOTCH», which determines the direction in which the tree will fall. The final cut
is the «FELLING CUT», which allows the tree to topple over.
To form the NOTCH, start with the TOP NOTCH CUT. Using the bottom of the
guide bar (pulling chain), make a 45° downward angled cut at right angles to
the intended direction of fall.
Next do the BOTTOM NOTCH CUT, ensuring that it meets the bottom of the
TOP NOTCH CUT precisely.
Notch depth should be around 1/4 of the diameter of the tree and the angle
should be around 45°.
The line defined by the inside angle of the notch must be
precisely horizontal and at a precise right angle to the direction
of fall.
Felling cut
The felling cut is done from the opposite side of the tree and must also be
horizontal. Stand with the tree to your left and cut with the bottom of the guide
bar (pulling chain).
Place the FELLING CUT approximately 3-5 cm (1 1/2 - 2") above the
Cut at full motor speed, feeding the saw slowly into the tree. Watch out for
tree movement opposite to the intended direction of fall. Insert a WEDGE or
FELLING BAR in the FELLING CUT as soon as the depth of the cut permits.


Table of Contents

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