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Electrolux 315 Operator's Manual page 11

Chain saw
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• The chain brake (A) is activated either manually (with the left hand) or by
the force of inertia (the inertia of the kickback guard resisting the motion
of the saw from the force of the kickback). However it is activated, the
kickback protection mechanism works in the opposite direction to the force
of the kickback. The saw incorporates a slip clutch which protects the saw
against overload. If the chain stops while the motor is running, the saw is
overloaded. Ease up on the cutting pressure until the chain starts running
again. If the saw jams in the tree, stop the saw immediately and free it.
• The chain brake is also activated when the kickback guard (B) is pushed
forward. This releases a springloaded mechanism which jerks the brake
band tightly around the clutch drum (C), which in this case also acts as a
brake drum.
• The purpose of the kickback guard is not only to activate the chain brake. Its other important function is to
reduce the danger of contact with the chain in the event that the operator loses his grip on the front handle.
• Use the chain brake as a «parking brake» when carrying the chain saw around or putting it down for short
periods! Besides automatic activation in the event of a kickback, the chain brake may also be activated
manually and must be activated in the event of any inadvertent contact with a rotating chain.
• An activated chain brake is released by pulling the kickback guard back towards the front handle.
• As pointed out on page 9, a kickback can be extremely violent and lightning-fast.
Most kickbacks are small and do not activate the chain brake. When this happens, it is important
to maintain a firm grip on the saw and not let go.
• The chain brake may be activated manually or by the force of inertia depending on the strength of the
kickback and the position of the saw in relation to the object which made contact with the kickback danger
- If the kickback is sufficiently violent and the left hand is too far from the kickback guard, the chain brake
is activated by the INERTIA of the chain brake against the force of the kickback.
- In the event of smaller kickbacks or when the left hand is near the kickback guard, the chain brake is
activated manually with the left hand.
• When the chain saw is turned on its side and the operator is holding the side of the front handle, the
kickback guard will not strike the left hand in the event of a kickback and will thus not activate the chain
brake. In a situation of this type, inertia is the only thing that can activate the chain brake, but like manual
activation, it will not work in every situation.



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