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Checking Chain Wear; Checking Drive Sprocket - Electrolux 315 Operator's Manual

Chain saw
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• If the lubrication system does not seem to be working, and the following
steps do not help, take your saw to a service dealer.
- Check the guide bar's oil passage and clean if necessary.
- Check guide bar groove and clean if necessary.
- Ensure that the nose sprocket turns easily and is not clogged.
Clean and grease if necessary.

Checking chain wear

• Inspect chain every day for:
- Visible cracks in rivets or links.
- Stiffness.
- Abnormal wear in rivets or links.
- Min. 3 mm (1/8") horizontal cutter length.
- Any deviation on any of these points indicates a worn chain which must
be discarded.

Checking drive sprocket

• Check drive sprocket wear regularly and replace when wear becomes
min 3 mm



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