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Daily Inspection And Maintenance - Electrolux 315 Operator's Manual

Chain saw
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When complete, the FELLING CUT must be parallel to the notch and leave
a strip of HINGE WOOD at least 1/10 the diameter of the tree.
The HINGE WOOD acts as a hinge, steering the direction of the falling tree.
If the HINGE WOOD is too small or has been sawn through, or if the notch and
the felling cut are mismatched, the tree is no longer under control.
As the felling cut approaches the notch, the tree should start falling, either by
itself or with the help of a WEDGE or FELLING BAR.


Always disconnect the power before cleaning or performing maintenance.
Here are a few general instructions for main-taining your chain saw.
If you are in doubt on any of these points, contact your service dealer.
1. Inspect power cable and plug for defects.
A damaged power cable or plug must be replaced.
2. Clean ventilation openings and keep them open.
3. Clean the chain brake and ensure that it works correctly.
4. Check automatic chain lubrication.
5. Turn guide bar over at regular intervals to distribute the wear on both
sides. Check to see that the oil passage is clear. Clean the guide bar
6. Check chain tension, sharpen the cutters and ensure that chain turns
7. Check drive sprocket for abnormal wear, replacing it if necessary.
8. Remove any burrs from the edges of the guide bar



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