Cutting Equipment - Electrolux 315 Operator's Manual

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7. Tension the chain by screwing the tensioning screw clockwise using the
screwdriver tip on the combination tool.
8. The chain is correctly tensioned when the slack on the bottom of the bar is
gone, yet the chain is still easily pulled around by hand.
9. Tighten the mounting nut with the combination tool while holding the tip of
the guide bar up.
The tension of a new chain must be checked frequently until it is broken in.
Continue to check the tension at regular intervals to ensure good performance and a long service life.
• Wear causes a chain to become looser with use. Regular tensioning is important to compensate for this
• Check the chain tension at least every time you refill the chain oil reservoir.
This section explains how correct maintenance and use of the right cutting equipment:
• Reduces kickback tendencies.
• Reduces the frequency of chain derailing and breakage.
• Achieves maximum cutting effect.
• Increases the service life of the chain.
The five basic rules
• Use only the recommended cutting equipment!
See «Technical Specifications» on page 3.
• Ensure that the cutter teeth are always correctly sharpened! Follow our
instructions and use the recommended filing guide. A chain which is
damaged or improperly maintained increases the risk of accident.
• Maintain the correct depth-gauge height.
Worn depth gauges increase the risk of kickback.




Table of Contents

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