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Brake Band Inspection; Kickback Guard Inspection; Manual Chain Brake Function Check; Inertia Chain Brake Function Check - Electrolux 315 Operator's Manual

Chain saw
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Brake band inspection

• Clean sawdust, pitch, and debris from the chain brake and clutch drum.
Wear and debris both affect brake function.
• Inspect the brake band regularly, ensuring that it is nowhere less than 0.6 mm thick

Kickback guard inspection

• Inspect kickback guard for visible defects, such as cracks.
• Move kickback guard back and forth to ensure that it moves freely without being loose.

Manual chain brake function check

• Check chain brake daily or every time the saw is used. Holding the running saw firmly with the left hand
on the front handle and the right hand on the rear handle, twist your left wrist, pushing the kickback guard
to activate the chain brake without letting go of the front handle. The chain should stop instantaneously.
If the chain brake does not perform as required, have it serviced by authorized personnel.

Inertia chain brake function check

• Hold the running saw level with the guide bar approximately 45 cm above a
stump or other solid wooden object.
Release the power trigger.
• Release the front handle, letting the chain saw pivot in your right hand as the
guide bar falls down and strikes the stump. The brake should activate when
the bar nose hits the stump.



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