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Electrolux ES 15 Instruction Manual

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  • Page 1 ITALIA Phone + 39 0341 203111 - Fax +39 0341 581671 The Electrolux Group. The world’s No.1 choice.
  • Page 4: General Description

    A. GENERAL DESCRIPTION Rear handle Cutting depth gauge Rear hand guard Cutting tooth Front handle Front hand guard/chain brake lever Chain cover Chain tensioner knob/screw Pinion Chain tensioner pin Chain catcher Oil tank cap Bar retaining screws Oil tank inspection gauge Bar retaining knob / nuts Air vents Nose sprocket...
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    B. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS MEANING OF SYMBOLS Manual use. Manual layout...
  • Page 6 reference number of the corresponding component to Where necessary, all other machine parts must be draw the reader’s attention to the main safety replaced exclusively by an Authorised Service procedure linked with that particular situation; the Centre. All danger risks increase considerably if machine parts shown in “A –...
  • Page 7 6. Health precautions – Chemical agents. Avoid all 11. Work operations chain oil contact with skin and eyes. Never start work with the machine before performing the following: remove the giude bar 7. Health precautions - Electricity. All extension cover guard; make sure that a sufficient amount of oil cords, plugs, and electricity lines must be has reached the chain;...
  • Page 8: Switch Block

    sure that the cable/ extension cord is kept behind the 13. Precautions against fire risk. Never use the user, controlling that it does not create a source of machine in areas where there are naked flames, danger for the user or for other persons, and check inflammable or potentially explosive materials.
  • Page 9: Chain Catcher

    (A- Legend – 9 [ES15 / ES16 / ES18] ), Take great care when assembling to ensure this is performed correctly. FOR ES 15 / ES 16 FOR ES 18 Control that the chain brake is not activated. If so, deactivate it.
  • Page 10 case do not tighten the chain immediately after use, but wait until it cools down. In cases where the loosened chain needs to be adjusted, always unscrew the bar retaining nuts / knob before adjusting the chain tensioning screw/knob ; adjust the tension and tighten the bar retaining nuts /knob accordingly.
  • Page 11 Check that the chain is sharpened correctly (See The cutting side of the chain is composed of the cutting below), in good working condition and that the link (fig.9) with a cutting tooth(fig.10) and a cutting limit tension is correct. If the chain is irregularly worn, or if gauge(fig.11).
  • Page 12 - At the end of each cutting operation the user will Begin the cut from above for about 1/3 of the notice a considerable change in the strength diameter, and then continue from underneath to meet necessary for controlling the machine. Great care the overcut.
  • Page 13: Environmental Information

    and lower cut. The meeting point between the two tree fall cannot be controlled (extremely dangerous!). sides of the notch is called “directional cut line” This For this reason the various cuts must be performed line must be perfectly horizontal at right angles (90°) with great precision.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting Table

    M. TROUBLESHOOTING TABLE Motor does Motor turns The machine Motor turns Braking not start with difficulty starts but improperly or devices do or loses does not cut at reduced not stop the power properly speeds chain properly Make sure the main line is powered Make sure the machine is properly plugged in...
  • Page 15: Declaration Of Conformity

    N. DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY The undersigned, authorized by E.O.P.I., declares that the following products model: type ES15, ES 15/1, ES 15/2, ES16, ES 16/1, ES18 starting from 2004 onwards, manufactured by E.O.P.I., Valmadrera, Italy, comply with European Directive: 98/37/EEC (Machine Directive), 93/68/EEC (EEC Marking Directive) & 89/336/CEE (Electromagnetic Compatibility Devices), directive 2000/14/EEC (Enclosure V).

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