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Periodic Maintenance - Electrolux Gladiator 550 Instruction Manual

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I1. Brake chain with antiKICKBACK protection
ATTENTION! Do not dismantle or tamper with
the chain brake mechanism under any
circumstances. In the event of improper
functioning or need to replace a part, go only to
an authorized assistance centre.
1. Periodically clean the clutch brake and drum removing
sawdust, resin and dirt (without dismantling the brake) and
visually check the ribbon wear and tear (if the band brake
thickness is less or equal to 0.60 mm at the point of
greatest use rely upon an assistance centre authorized for
the replacement).
2. Check that the protection is complete and without evident
defects such as cracks in the material.
3. Move the protection back and forth to verify that it moves
freely and that you're anchored well in the clutch cover.
4. Start up the saw on a stable base. See that the chain
turns freely.
5. Grip the handles with both hands.
6. Accelerate activate chain brake using the left hand
antiKICKBACK button without letting go of the handles.
The chain must block immediately (to avoid breaking the
brake itself, don't insist with the accelerator).
I2. Accelerator Block
1. Check that the accelerator is blocked at the minimum when
in rest position.
ATTENTION! If the chain isn't sharpened
correctly, risk increases as a consequence.
The following instructions refer exclusively to
the recommended chain. Always sharpen the
chain with motor turned off.
L1 General instructions on sharpening the chain.
The chain must always be well sharpened. If the chain doesn't
cut without having to press the bar against the wood and
produces very fine sawdust, it is a sign the chain is not sharp.
If the cutting doesn't produce sawdust, the chain has
completely lost its thread and in cutting you pulverize the wood.
If the chain is sharp, it moves forward in the wood itself and
produces big and long shavings.
1. The sharp part of the chain is made up of the CUTTING
CUTTING DEPTH (B). The difference in level between
these two determines the cutting depth.
L2 Sharpening of the teeth
ATTENTION! The following deviations from the
instructions for sharpening considerably
increase the tendency of KICKBACK:
To obtain good sharpness of the chain you need A FILE
GUIDE and A ROUND FILE. The diameter of the file must be
equal to 3/16" /4,8mm.
L. Periodic maintenance
2. Press the throttle trigger lockout device and check that it
goes back to rest position as soon as it's released.
3. Check that the accelerator and the accelerator block move
freely and that the recall springs work correctly.
4. Start up the machine and go to maximum speed. Release
the accelerator and check that once the chain is still it
doesn't move. If the chain moves, check the minimum
regulation (see "Regulation of the carburettor").
I3. Chain Brake Pivot
Check that the chain stop pivot is complete and well mounted
on the saw.
I4. Rear right hand protection
Check that the protection of the right hand is complete and
without any obvious faults such as damaged material.
I5. Vibration Dampering System
Check the proper working of the dampers and that aren't
deformed or damaged in any way.
Check that they're anchored between the engine group and
handle group.
I6. Stop switch
Start up and check that motor shuts off bringing the switch to
the stop position.
Place the chain on the bar and stretch it using the chain
tensioner and checking that the chain has the correct tension
and that it's blocked with the safety brake. This impedes that
chain moves sideways making the sharpening operation
more difficult.
1. Always sharpen the cutting tooth from the inside towards
the outside, slackening the pressure on the file during the
return phase.
The operation will be easier using the file guide.
During sharpening the file must be positioned so as
determine the following three corners of the cutting:
"A" upper angle 30° - 35°
"B" external side angle 85° - 90°
"C" internal side angle 60°
2. The file must be positioned and must work perpendicularly
to the bar.
3. To obtain more precise side angles we advise positioning
the file so that you vertically cross over the cutting edge of
about 0,5 mm.
Sharpen all the teeth of one side first then turn the saw over
and repeat the operation.
To obtain a uniform cutting surface in the wood, all the teeth
must be sharpened to the same length.
With the sharpness of the teeth the cutting depth decreases.
Check the height of the depth delimiters after various chain

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