Oven Door - Electrolux EKG801100 User Manual

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Removing the Oven Door
To make it easier to clean the oven, the
oven door can be removed.
Open the oven door into the horizontal
position. Then lift up the clips on the two
door hinges as far as they will go (a).
Slowly close the door again as far as the
stop and lift the door until the hinges come
out (b).
Hanging the Oven Door
When putting the door back on its hinges,
reverse the procedure for removing the
door from its hinges.
Re-insert the door's hinges into the slots
(c). When you do this, make sure the
hinges engage properly and evenly.
Then slowly lower the door downwards.
When you do this, make sure the corners of
the door do not touch the bottom of the
frame (if this happens, lift the door up again
and realign the hinges).
Finally fold the clips back down towards the
oven (d). So that the door closes properly,
press down on the clips with something
(e.g. a screwdriver) (e).
Slowly check the correct operation of the
Important: Never leave the door hinge
levers standing up. Otherwise the spring
action can lead to injury.
DO NOT clean the oven door while
the glass panels are warm. If this
precaution is not observed the glass
panel may shatter. Do not use harsh
abrasive cleaners or sharp metal
scrapers to clean the surface, which
may result in shattering of the glass.
If the door glass panel becomes
chipped or has deep scratches, the
glass will be weakened and must be
replaced to prevent the possibility of
the panel shattering.
Contact your local Service Centre
who will be pleased to advise further.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents