Advice For Safety; Installation - Electrolux EKG801100 User Manual

Cooker ekg801100
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Advice for safety

Gas connections
Before installation ensure that the
local distribution conditions (gas type
and pressure) and the pre-setting of
the appliance are consistent.
This appliance must be installed only
in a room with good ventilation.
This appliance must not connected to
a chimney. It has to be installed and
connected in accordance with the
rules in force. Special attention should
be paid to the applicable disposal
concerning ventilation.
The adjacent furniture panels have to
be heat proof or protected by such
The adjusting conditions of this
appliance are mentioned on the rating
Connection to gas supply.
Check that the gas flow and the diameter
of the supply pipe is sufficient to supply all
the appliances of the installation
Check that all connections are tight.
Install an accessible and visible gas tap
to isolate the appliance.
The manufacturing company
declines any responsibility for
possible damages resulting from an
installation that doesn't comply with
the rules in force.


Remove all the packaging and install the
cooker in a dry, ventilated room not near
curtains, paper, alcohol, petrol etc.
The cooker should be placed only on
the floor, but not on the base.
This appliance is approved to class "1"
regarding overheating of surrounding
Electrical connections
This cooker is designed to be connected to a
230V 50Hz AC electrical supply.
Before switching on, make sure the electricity
supply voltage is the same as that indicated
on the rating plate.
Check on the rating plate the value for the
total connection power for establishing the
fuse power.
Fuse capacity: max 6 A
Before connecting check that:
It is mandatory to keep 2 cm distance to
the adjacent furniture.
Any electrical work required to install
this cooker should be carried out by a
qualified electrician or competent
person, in accordance with the current
This cooker must be earthed.
If the supply cable is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manufacturer or its
service agent or a similarly qualified
person in order to avoid a hazard.
The plug used for connection is easily
accessible when the appliance is


Table of Contents

Table of Contents