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Electrolux EKG801100 User Manual page 18

Cooker ekg801100


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Gas combustion is possible due to the
oxygen in the air (2 m
power – check the rating panel of the
It is necessary to renew the air and that the
combustion products be discharged.
This appliance is not connected to a
combustion products evacuation device. It
shall be installed and connected in
accordance with current installation
regulations. Particular attention shall be
given to the relevant requirements
regarding ventilation.
The use of gas cooking appliance results in
the production of heat and moisture in the
room in which it is installed. Ensure that the
kitchen is well ventilated; keep natural
ventilation holes open or install a
mechanical ventilation device (mechanical
extract hood).
Prolonged intensive use of the appliance
may call for additional ventilation, for
example opening of a window, for example
increasing the level of mechanical
ventilation where present.
15 cm
2 cm
air/h x kW installed
55 cm
2 cm
Gas connection must be carried out
according to the rules in force.
The manufacturing company release the
unit, once tested, adjusted for the kind of
gas stated on the adjustment label located
on the back of the range, next to
connection pipe. Be sure that you are
going to connect the unit to the same kind
of gas written on the plate.
For best efficiency and lowest
consumption, be sure that manifolds gas
pressure respects the values in the table of
"Sp e c i f i c a t i o n n o z z l e s " .


Table of Contents

Table of Contents