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Cooker ekg801100
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Gas connection

Your cooker is delivered adjusted for the
kind of gas stated on the rating plate.
It might be necessary to pass to another
kind of gas, different to the one it is preset
to. Under these circumstances follow the
instructions bellow.
For best efficiency, lowest
consumption and a longer length of life of
your cooker, the manifold gas pressure has
to respect the values shown in table no. 1
If the appliance is supplied with Butane or
Propane gas check that from the pressure
regulator, the pressure for Butane is 30
mbar and for Propane 37 mbar.
For cylinder butane propane gas:
We advise you to use flexible pipe
according to the national rule in force
of minimum 1 m; this length is chosen
depending on the position of the
connection to the gas supply;
For the old butane installations you can
use a flexible rubber pipe of max 1,5 m
and 6 mm diameter, mounted with the
special butane holder ;
Fix it well by means of a collar for each
For buying the pipe
Flexible rubber hose: it has to be
marked NF GAS
Flexible pipe: according to standard
NF D 36 121, or NF D 103, or NF D
36 107
Bottle installation
The length of the flexible pipe has to
be 1m.
The connection of the regulator has to
be fronted to the righr of the
It is MANDATORY to fix the pipe at the
back of the appliance, by means of a
Installation and replacement of the bottle
has to be carried out by an authorised
2 cm
Once installation is complete, check the
perfect seal of every pipe fitting, using a
soapy solution, never a flame.
Ensure that the rubber hose is not in
contact with any part of the back of the
cookers as is in the figure and that the loop
of the hose when connected is not in
contact with the floor when the appliance is
in position.
Electric cable
Flexible pipe


Table of Contents

Table of Contents