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Electrolux EKG501102 User Manual

Electrolux cooker


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  • Page 1 User Manual Cooker EKG501102...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Electrolux. Thinking of you Share more of our thinking at Contents Safety Information Hints and tips Description of the appliance Cleaning and care Before first use Something not working Operating instruction Technical data Accessories delivered with the appliance...
  • Page 3 • When in use a gas cooker will produce and as a splash back when open. Do heat and moisture in the room in which it not use for any other purpose. • has been installed. Ensure there is a...
  • Page 4: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance Control panel Oven light Oven control knob Minute minder Front left burner control knob Back left burner control knob Back right burner control knob Front right burner control knob Ignition switch Hot plate ∅ 145 – 1000W Hot plate ∅...
  • Page 5: Before First Use

    Before first use • Open a window for ventilation. Remove all packaging, both inside • Allow the oven to run empty for and outside the oven, before using approximately 45 minutes. the oven. Before first use, the oven This procedure should be repeated with the should be heated without food.
  • Page 6 If for any reason the flame should extinguish turn control knob to the off position, after at Grill burner ignition least 1 minute, try to re-ignite the oven. • Close the oven door Attention: when turning on the grill •...
  • Page 7 Grilling meat When selecting “grill” position, the knob is to be turned till the end of the When using the grill it has to be run, avoiding the intermediary position supervised, the oven door opened and (between off and grill). On intermediary the grill deflector “A”...
  • Page 8 Oven light Always choose positions between the The oven is equipped with a lamp. minimum and maximum, never between To switch on the light in the oven press the maximum and off. switch on the control panel. Warning: do not use cooking vessels bigger then the overlap its edges on the hotplate.
  • Page 9: Accessories Delivered With The Appliance

    Extinguishing of burners The following diameter pans can be used: Turn the knob clockwise to mark « ». Burner Power Diameter (mm) (kW) min. max. Rapid 2.60 Warning Do not put anything on the Semi-Rapid 2.00 hob that is liable to melt. Always Auxiliary 1.00...
  • Page 10: Hints And Tips

    Hints and Tips Condensation and steam When food is heated it produces steam in The effects of dishes on cooking results the same way as a boiling kettle. The oven Dishes and tins vary in their thickness, vents allow some of this steam to escape.
  • Page 11: Cleaning And Care

    Cooking/baking time, min Nominal Nominal Reduced Tray’s Preheating Cakes heat input heat input heat input level Sponge cake in round cake-mould 5-10 5-10 Scones 20-25 Poppy seed roll 40-45 Meringue 40-45 Please use always nominal heat input for preheating...
  • Page 12 Open the oven door into the horizontal position. Then lift up the clips on the two door hinges as far as they will go (a). Slowly close the door again as far as the stop and lift the door until the hinges come out (b).
  • Page 13: Something Not Working

    If the door glass panel becomes chipped or Oven lamp replacement has deep scratches, the glass will be weakened and must be replaced to prevent Ensure that the appliance is switched the possibility of the panel shattering. off before replacing the lamp to avoid Contact your local Service Centre who will possibility of electric shock.
  • Page 14: Technical Data

    Symptoms Solutions The gas ring burns unevenly Check: The main jet is not blocked and the ring burner is clean of food particles The burner cap and ring burner have been replaced correctly after cleaning Oven or grill burners does not ignite...
  • Page 15: Advice For Safety

    Accessories Shelf Backing tray Grill deflector Dimensions Height 850 mm Width 500 mm Depth 500 mm Advice for safety Gas connections Electrical connections • Before installation ensure that the local This cooker is designed to be connected to a 230V 50Hz AC electrical supply.
  • Page 16: Installation

    Installation Positioning It is necessary to renew the air and that the Remove all the packaging and install the combustion products be discharged. cooker in a dry, ventilated room not near This appliance is not connected to a curtains, paper, alcohol, petrol etc.
  • Page 17: Conversion Of Gas

    Gas feeding pipe fitting is Gc1/2. IMPORTANT For this type of installation, connection to Once installation is complete, check the the gas supply should be carried out using perfect seal of every pipe fitting, using a only and exclusively flexible metallic tubes in soapy solution, never a flame.
  • Page 18 S P E C I F I C A T I O N N O Z Z L E S Table no.1 CAT: II 2H3B/P Econo Normal Press Nozzle Cons Burner power Gas Type pass diameter power (kW) (mbar)
  • Page 19 Hob burners To adjust the minimum level: • Light the burner • Turn the knob to the position of the minimum flame; • Remove the knob; • Unscrew or screw the by-pass screw...
  • Page 20 • Tighten the fixing screw M. by-pass Grill burner The grill temperature cannot be adjusted. Grill burner To obtain a lower temperature or slower • Loosen the screw fixing the Venturi. cooking time the grill pan must be lowered •...
  • Page 24 342 706 241 -0A- 032009...

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