Accessories Delivered With The Appliance - Electrolux EKG801100 User Manual

Cooker ekg801100
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Good use

Accessories delivered with the appliance

Clear the accessories before using them for
the first time. Wash the shelves, roasting
pan etc. in hot water and washing-up
liquid. Rinse and dry.
Beside the accessories delivered with the
appliance we advise you to use only heat
proof pots (according to the instructions of
the manufacturer).
a grate, pan support for putting the
dishes on (roast, pastry moulds ...)
The dish has to be put in the middle of the
grate to balance the weight.
a roasting tray.
It is used to collect juice when cooking in it,
place it on the shelf 2.
If you do not use the dripping pan, remove
it from the oven.
Hints and Tips
Condensation and steam
When food is heated it produces steam in
the same way as a boiling kettle. The oven
vents allow some of this steam to escape.
However, always stand back from the oven
when opening the oven door to allow any
build up of steam or heat to release.
If the steam comes into contact with a cool
surface on the outside of the oven, e.g. a
trim, it will condense and produce water
droplets. This is quite normal and is not a
fault with the oven.
Bad use
(Power waste)
a protective screen
It is used for when using the grill and the
Drop down bottom door
The bottom door is located underneath the
oven cavity.
During cooking the storage cavity
may become hot if the oven is in use
for a long period of time. Flammable
materials such as oven gloves, tea
towels, plastic aprons etc. should not
be stored in the cavity.
Oven accessories will also become hot,
therefore care should be taken when
removing these items from the drawer
whilst the oven is in use or still hot.
To prevent discoloration, regularly wipe
away condensation and also soil age from
Use any ovenproof cookware, which will
withstand temperatures of 250°C.
Oven dishes, etc. should not be placed
directly on the oven base


Table of Contents

Table of Contents