Guarantee Conditions - Electrolux EKG801100 User Manual

Cooker ekg801100
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1. No burner ignition
2. The gas ring burns unevenly
3. One of the oven or grill burners
does not ignite
4. Cooking results are not
5. The oven smokes
If after these checks, the appliance still
does not work, contact your local Service
Force Centre. When you contact the
Service Centre, they will need the following

Guarantee conditions

Guarantee stipulated in the contract
2 years starting from setting into function
the manufacturer will replace the damaged
parts except the cases mentioned in
chapter "Reserves".
Conditions for applying
For applying this guarantee you have to
direct to the distributor who sold you
the appliance and submit to him your
Guarantee Certificate. The dealer will or
will not overtake the expenses for the
labor and transport in accordance with
their sales conditions.
Check that:
Gas supply is completely open
The position of gas pipe is correct
The burner is not wet
The burner cap and ring burner have been replaced correctly
after cleaning
Check that:
The main jet is not blocked and the ring burner is clean of
food particles
The burner cap and ring burner have been replaced correctly
after cleaning
Check that:
The burner is in its correct place
The burner is not wet
The control knob has been pressed for 10 seconds upon
Check that:
The correct temperature has been selected
The cooking time is adapted
The grill is placed correctly in the oven
Check that:
The oven does not need cleaning
The food does not spill over
There is no excessive fat / juice on the oven sides
We draw your attention on the fact that the
guarantee will not be applied:
Your name, address and post code.
Your telephone number
Clear and concise details of the fault
The model and the serial number (see
rating label)
Date of purchase
if the damages are due to shock,
abnormal power variation, etc., or
non-observing of the installation and
use conditions stipulated in the
Instruction book, wrong handling,
negligence or wrong, installation non-
conforming to the rules imposed by
the power, water, gas distributor;
if the user modified the material or
took off the marking or the serial


Table of Contents

Table of Contents