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Cooker ekg801100
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Never leave the cooker unattended
when cooking with oil and fat.
Never pull the appliance by the oven
This cooker should be kept clean at all
times. A build-up of fat or foodstuff
could result in a fire.
Never use steam or high-pressure
appliances for cleaning the oven.
Never use plastic dishes in the oven or
on the hob burners. Never line any part
of the oven with aluminium foil.
Always ensure that the oven vent,
which is located at the centre back of
the hob, is left unobstructed to ensure
ventilation of the oven cavity.
Perishable food, plastic items and
aerosols may be affected by heat and
should not be stored above the cooker.
The appliance is fitted with a lid: this is
designed as a dust cover when closed,
and as a splash back when open. Do
not use for any other purpose.
Always remove any spillage from the
surface of the lid before opening, and
the appliance should be allowed to cool
before closing the lid.
After using the cooker, the lid MUST
NOT be closed until the hob and oven
are completely cold.

Description of the appliance

Control panel

Oven light
Ignition switch
Oven/grill knob
Front left burner control knob
Back left burner control knob
This cooker should only be repaired or
serviced by an authorised Service
Engineer and only genuine approved
spare parts should be used.
Environmental Information
After installation, please dispose of the
packaging with due regard to safety
and the environment.
When disposing of an old appliance,
make it unusable, by cutting off the
The symbol
packaging indicates that this product may
not be treated as household waste. Instead
it should be taken to the appropriate
collection point for the recycling of
electrical and electronic equipment. By
ensuring this product is disposed of
correctly, you will help prevent potential
negative consequences for the
environment and human health, which
could otherwise be caused by
inappropriate waste handling of this
product. For more detailed information
about recycling of this product, please
contact your local council, your household
waste disposal service or the shop where
you purchased the product.
Timer knob
Middle burner control knob
Back right burner control knob
Front right burner control knob
on the product or on its


Table of Contents

Table of Contents