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Electrolux EKG801100 User Manual page 8

Cooker ekg801100


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Or during a power cut
Open the oven door assemble the
protective screen "A" in its place
Hold a flame to the gas grill burner
Push and turn the control knob to
the right to the "grill symbol"
Upon ignition, keep the knob pressed for
approximately 10 seconds (until the
safety valve automatically keeps the grill
burner lit).
If for any reason the flame should
extinguish turn the control knob to the " "
position, leave for at least 1 minute and
then re-ignite.
When selecting "grill" position, the
knob is to be turned till the end of the
run, avoiding the intermediary position
(between 0 and grill). On intermediary
positions the ignition device can
remain in function.
The grill pan will become hot during
use, always use oven gloves when
removing or replacing a hot grill pan.
Extinguishing of grill burner
Turn the knob clockwise to mark «
safety device is in place.
When using the grill it has to be
supervised, the oven door opened and the
grill deflector "A" in place.
Caution: Accesible parts may be hot when
the grill is in use. Young children should be
kept away.
When grilling, only the top burner is heating. It
is not necessary to preheat the grill.
Insert the food on the 2
Turn the knob to position "grill".
Adjust the grid and pan position to allow
for different thickness of food. Position the
food closer to the grill for faster cooking
and further away for slower cooking.
Turn the oven/grill control knob to the
"grill" position.
Place the dish on the grid and slide it on
shelf guide 2 or 3.
Leave the dish under the grill for a few
When you have finished using the grill
please remove the grill deflector.
». The


Table of Contents

Table of Contents