Electrolux EKG801100 User Manual
Electrolux EKG801100 User Manual

Electrolux EKG801100 User Manual

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  • Page 1 Cooker EKG801100...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Thank you for choosing a first class product from Electrolux, which hopefully will provide you with lots of pleasure in the future. The Electrolux ambition is to offer a wide variety of quality products that make your life more comfortable. You find some examples on the cover in this manual. Please take a few minutes to study this manual so that you can take advantage of the benefits of your new machine.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Information

    Important safety information • It is most important that this instruction The cooker gets hot when it is in use. book should be retained with the appliance Children should be kept away until it for future reference. Should the appliance has cooled.
  • Page 4: Description Of The Appliance

    • Never leave the cooker unattended Service • when cooking with oil and fat. This cooker should only be repaired or • Never pull the appliance by the oven serviced by an authorised Service handle. Engineer and only genuine approved •...
  • Page 5: Hob

    1. Back left burner (semi-rapid 2000W) 2. Front left burner (rapid 2600W) 3. Middle burner (rapid-fish 2600W) 4. Back right burner (auxiliary 1000W) 5. Front right burner (rapid 2600W) Use of appliance Before the First Use of the Cooker...
  • Page 6 Or during a power cut • Open the oven door, • Lift the small lid on the bottom of the cavity • Push and turn the control knob to the left to position 8, and hold a flame near the hole in the bottom;...
  • Page 7: Using The Grill

    Cooking in the Oven bacon …) that remains tender, for toast or to brown already cooked. Traditional cooking is made by natural convection; the heated air circulates on the principle of ascending and descending draughts. It is necessary to pre-heat the oven.
  • Page 8 Or during a power cut Caution: Accesible parts may be hot when • Open the oven door assemble the the grill is in use. Young children should be protective screen “A” in its place kept away. • Hold a flame to the gas grill burner When grilling, only the top burner is heating.
  • Page 9: Mechanical Timer

    Oven light The oven is equipped with a lamp. It starts operating when the switch on the control panel is pressed. Cooking/baking parameters There are authoritative tables referring to the cooking and baking conditions. You can make same changes in it based on your cooking and baking experience.
  • Page 10: Using The Hob

    Using the Hob The symbol on the knob corresponds to a If for any reason the flame should symbol on the control panel (See extinguish turn the control knob to the " " description of appliance). position, leave for at least 1 minute and then re-ignite.
  • Page 11: Accessories Delivered With The Appliance

    Bad use Good use (Power waste) Accessories delivered with the appliance • Clear the accessories before using them for a protective screen the first time. Wash the shelves, roasting It is used for when using the grill and the pan etc.
  • Page 12: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Oven Cooking The effects of dishes on cooking • results Turn off the oven 5 minutes before the end of cooking time, and use residual heat to complete the cooking. Dishes and tins vary in their thickness, • conductivity, colour, etc. which affects the...
  • Page 13: Oven Door

    Removing the Oven Door To make it easier to clean the oven, the oven door can be removed. Open the oven door into the horizontal position. Then lift up the clips on the two door hinges as far as they will go (a).
  • Page 14: Oven Bulb Replacement

    Burners The burner caps and crowns can be Burner removed for cleaning. Wash the burners caps and crowns using Burner hot soapy water, and remove marks with a ring mild paste cleaner. A well-moistened soap impregnated steel wool pad can be used...
  • Page 15: Guarantee Conditions

    Symptoms Solutions 1. No burner ignition Check that: • Gas supply is completely open • The position of gas pipe is correct • The burner is not wet • The burner cap and ring burner have been replaced correctly after cleaning 2.
  • Page 16: Technical Features

    In case of moving to another place, closing of the shop, contact the nearest Consumers Service (Authorized Service Center) who will give you the address of an After Sales Service. Technical features EKG801100 Glass Pan support Enamelled Front right burner Rapid...
  • Page 17: Advice For Safety

    Advice for safety Gas connections Electrical connections • Before installation ensure that the This cooker is designed to be connected to a local distribution conditions (gas type 230V 50Hz AC electrical supply. Before switching on, make sure the electricity...
  • Page 18 55 cm 15 cm 2 cm 2 cm Ventilation Gas connection must be carried out Gas combustion is possible due to the according to the rules in force. oxygen in the air (2 m air/h x kW installed The manufacturing company release the power –...
  • Page 19: Gas Connection

    Gas connection Bottle installation • Your cooker is delivered adjusted for the The length of the flexible pipe has to kind of gas stated on the rating plate. be 1m. • It might be necessary to pass to another...
  • Page 20 S P E C I F I C A T I O N N O Z Z L E S Table no.1 CAT: II 2E+3+ Econo Normal Nozzle Pressure Cons Burner power Gas Type pass adjusting diameter power (mbar)
  • Page 21 Albania +35 5 4 261 450 Rr. Pjeter Bogdani Nr. 7 Tirane Belgique/België/Belgien +32 2 363 04 44 Bergensesteenweg 719, 1502 Lembeek Česká republika +420 2 61 12 61 12 Budějovická 3, Praha 4, 140 21 Danmark +45 70 11 74 00 Sjællandsgade 2, 7000...
  • Page 22 Svizzera CH-5506 Mägenwil Slovenija +38 61 24 25 731 Gerbičeva ulica 98, 1000 Ljubljana Slovensko +421 2 43 33 43 22 Electrolux Slovakia s.r.o., Electrolux Domáce spotrebiče SK, Seberíniho 1, 821 03 Bratislava Suomi www.electrolux.fi Sverige +46 (0)771 76 76 76 Electrolux Service, S:t Göransgatan 143, S-105...
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