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Safety Information - Martin ATOMIC 3000 User Manual

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This product is for professional use only! It is not for
household use.
The Atomic 3000 presents risks of lethal or severe injury due to fire and heat,
electric shock, ultraviolet radiation, and falls. Flashing light is also known to
trigger epileptic seizures in persons who are photosensitive. Read this manual
before powering or installing the fixture, follow the safety precautions listed
below and observe all warnings in this manual and printed on the fixture. If you
have questions about how to operate the fixture safely, please contact your Martin
dealer or call the Martin 24-hour service hotline at +45 70 200 201.
To gu ard against electric shock
• Disconnect the fixture from AC power and allow the flash capacitor to discharge
for 1 minute before changing the lamp or fuse, and when not in use.
• Do not remove the rear cover: there are no user-serviceable parts inside.
• Always ground (earth) the fixture electrically.
• Use only a source of AC power that complies with local building and electrical
codes and has both overload and ground-fault protection.
• Do not expose the fixture to rain or moisture.
• Replace the lamp only as described or have it replaced by a Martin service
To gu ard against UV radi at ion, burns, and fire
• Never operate the fixture with the front glass open, missing or damaged.
• Do not stare directly into the light. Never look at an exposed lamp while it is lit.
• Replace the lamp when it becomes defective or worn out.
• When replacing the lamp, allow the fixture to cool for at least 10 minutes before
opening the fixture or removing the lamp.
• Never attempt to bypass the fuse. Always replace defective fuses with ones of the
specified type and rating.
• Verify that the power feed cable is rated for the current draw of all connected

Safety information

Atomic 3000 user manual

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