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Martin ATOMIC 3000 User Manual page 8

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To rig the fixtur e
Always use a secure means of secondary attachment!
Before installing, verify that
• the attachment hardware is in good condition and designed to bear at least 10
times the fixture's weight,
• the structure can support at least 10 times the weight of all installed fixtures,
clamps, cables, auxiliary equipment, etc.;
• the fixture will be located at least 1 meter (39 in.) away from the surface to be
illuminated, at least 0.5 meters (20 in.) from any combustible materials, and well
away from flammable materials;
• the clearance around the air vents is at least 0.1 meters (4 in.), and
• no one is located under the work area.
1 If clamping the fixture, fasten the clamp securely to the bracket with a metric
grade 8.8 or better M12 bolt and lock nut, or as recommended by the clamp
2 Working from a stable platform, clamp or fasten the fixture securely to the
3 Install a safety cable around the support and bracket.
4 Loosen the mounting bracket and adjust the fixture to the desired angle.
5 Connect and arrange the power and data cables.
Preparation for use
Atomic 3000 user manual

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