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Xerox Secure Access - Xerox 5700 Series Evaluator Manual

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Scan to PC Desktop
Developed by Nuance and Xerox
to PC Desktop software bridges the gap
between Microsoft Office documents,
PDFs and paper. It allows you to customize
the scanning menus on your WorkCentre
5700 series multifunction printer directly
from your desktop. This makes it easy to
securely scan to specific folders on your
desktop, turning a shared multifunction
printer into your own personal multifunc-
tion printer.
Secure Access
Unified ID System
Secure Access integrates with your existing
employee ID badge solution, allowing
users to simply swipe their badge at the
WorkCentre 5700 series multifunction
printer to unlock access to features.
Usage data can then be made available
to other solutions for tracking, accounting
and regulatory purposes. Follow-You
Print™, a feature of Secure Access, allows
you to send a document to a secure print
queue, walk up to any printer on the
network equipped with Secure Access,
swipe your ID card and access the docu-
ment for printing.
WorkCentre 5700 Series Evaluator Guide
, Scan
ScanFlowStore software by Nuance
greatly reduces document processing
time with its powerful Optical Character
Recognition technology. Using template-
based scanning, a user simply selects
specific "zones" on a document from
which data specific to industries such as
healthcare, legal or financial, is captured
and used for file naming, creating network
folders, populating PDF properties, search-
ing and retrieving, and routing scanned
documents to their correct repositories.
Personalized solutions you access
right from the touch screen interface.
Your key to a simplified office.
Workflow Solutions connect users to the
tools they need to make their information work-
flows faster, more efficient and more effective.
Control access to information. Reduce the costs
of information workflow and your organiza-
tion's environmental impact. Enable new ways
of working that streamline and accelerate
business cycles and give you a competitive
Workflow Solutions give you measur-
ably better ways of working with information
no matter what industry, no matter how big or
small your organization, and no matter where
you operate.
Conservation built-in
Get a powerful multifunction printer
that is environmentally preferable.
• Power save with quick start-up con-
serves electricity during downtime
while keeping the device ready for
• Full compliance with the EU
Restriction of Hazardous Substances
(RoHS) Directive* and the stringent
• Automatic paper-saving print
settings allow for reduced impact
on the environment. Options
include default two-sided printing,
proof print, recycled paper and
draft mode.
• Stay earth-friendly. Our innovative
new EarthSmart feature automati-
cally chooses the most environmen-
tally sensitive options for your job.
* All newly manufactured WorkCentre 5700 MFPs are fully RoHS compliant. There may be
occasions when we will provide some equipment or spare parts which will not be fully RoHS
complaint. This is necessary in order to minimize the detrimental environmental impacts that
would occur if we prematurely dispose of those existing parts that fully comply with existing
North American legal requirements. Fully RoHS compliant equipment and parts are available
upon request for select customers.



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