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Evaluate Ease Of Use And Management - Xerox 5700 Series Evaluator Manual

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Section 1: Evaluating Workgroup Multifunction Printers

Evaluate Ease of Use and Management

Look for fully integrated functions that work together to create more value
than the sum of their parts.
consistent from function to function? Do the network features give users full access
to the power of your network? Does the device include additional software to take
full advantage of digital documents? Is the device easy for your IT organization to
manage as part of its infrastructure?
How the WorkCentre 5700
Series exceeds the ease of use
Front panel user interface
It doesn't matter if a job is simple or complex
— the new front panel user interface (UI) on
WorkCentre 5700 Series devices is easy to learn
and offers quick job programming. It features
touch-screen functionality with bright icons and
intuitive organization, with the most commonly
accessed features on the home screen and easy
access to advanced programming features. A
selection of buttons accompanies the touch-
panel UI for manual command and numbers
inputs, management features access, and job
execution (with the familiar green Start button).
Third-party applications can be integrated with
the front panel UI as well. Regardless of whether
you've used a Xerox
multifunction printer in
the past, you will find WorkCentre 5700 Series
devices a pleasure to use.
On-board documentation
The front panel user interface on the WorkCentre
5700 Series pulls from the on-board user docu-
mentation to deliver a wealth of helpful informa-
tion — such as how to send a scan via email.
Bidirectional print drivers
The WorkCentre 5700 Series utilizes CentreWare
print drivers to provide an easy, intuitive method
of programming jobs and receiving updated
system status information. Like the front-panel
touch-screen UI, the print drivers are intuitively
organized by tabs. The most commonly used
features are located on the default tab, with
advanced features easily accessible when pro-
gramming more complex jobs. The print drivers
also provide bidirectional information like system
Are the functions easy to learn? Is the user interface
status, job status, currently loaded paper sizes,
installed options and more.
How the WorkCentre 5700 Series
exceeds the ease of management
Network management
It couldn't be easier for a network administra-
tor: WorkCentre 5700 Series devices integrate
into virtually any network environment. Network
configuration is made simple with CentreWare
Web configuration wizards, which eliminate the
need for IT staff to perform tasks at the front
panel of each networked device. WorkCentre
5700 Series devices include support for multiple
native network environments, including TCP/IP,
IPv6, SNMP, SMB, Novel IPX, AppleTalk and IPP.
CentreWare software
CentreWare Web (CWW) software is a
powerful device management solution for IT
departments. CWW is free software that eases
the chore of installing, configuration, manag-
ing, monitoring and pulling reports from the
networked printers and multifunction print-
ers throughout your enterprise — regardless
of vendor. Xerox
also addresses enterprise
asset management through compatibility with
network management tools for Sun, Novell,
Microsoft and other environments.
WorkCentre 5700 Series devices also include
CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS), an
embedded web server that allows employees
and IT personnel to perform detailed status
checks on the system and consumables,
administer system settings, and manage
access and accounting controls via any
standard web browser.
Select a Service
Internet Fax
Server Fax
Saved Jobs
Get instant access to all functions
with the easy-to-follow touch screen
WorkCentre 5700 Series Evaluator Guide
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