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Xerox Majestik 5760 Supplementary Manual

One step image transfer paper instructions
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Xerox One Step Image Transfer Paper
Majestik 5760/5765 Digital Color Copiers/Printers
Regal 5790 Digital Color Copier/Printer
DO NOT USE in 5775 or 4700
Optimum image quality is achieved with relative humidity less than 70%. High humidity levels can
cause poor image quality due to dampness in the paper. For best results, return unused paper to
original packaging with desiccant pack.
Use MSI By-Pass Tray
Use Mirror Image Setting in Edit / Special mode so image will be right reading after transfer to fabric.
Set machine as you normally would for the type of original used i.e. Photo, Text
If poor fusing is experienced in 5760/5765 or 5790, use Heavy Weight Paper Mode.
Heavy Weight Paper Mode is not selectable for 11 x 17" size in 5760/5765.
For adequate fusing when printing electronic images, insure total toner saturation is less than 280%.
Note: A swing-away heat press is required for acceptable image transfer. The clam-shell type presses
are not recommended. A conventional home iron will not give satisfactory image transfer.
Set temperature to 350 - 375 F
Set to maximum workable pressure (approx. 40 lbs of pressure)
IMPORTANT: To ensure even pressure, create a fabric cushion using 2 or 3 T-shirts on top of heat press bed.
Position and press fabric item for 2 - 3 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture
Position transfer paper on fabric item and press for 8 -10 seconds (T-shirts).
Heavy fabrics like Sweatshirts may require 25-30 sec. pressing time.
Peel off transfer paper immediately (peel while hot)
Turn garment inside out. Machine wash in warm or cold water.
Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
Tumble dry on low setting. Do not dry clean!
To brighten image on fabric after washing, press with an iron on medium setting
Best performance is obtained on cotton, polyester, poly/cotton 50/50 blends
and untreated canvas. Tight knits (heavy T-shirts) provide better results than open knits
(sweat shirts).
Call Xerox Supply Net 1-800-822-2200
3R5811 for 8.5" x 11" (216mm x 279mm) 3R5812 for 11" x 17" (279 x 432mm)
- Will cause immediate machine damage.
The imaging side (blank) is placed face up in tray
8.5" x 11" Sheets feed Long Edge
11" x 17" Sheets feed Short Edge
Fan sheets prior to loading
Recommended maximum tray quantity
8.5" x 11" 30 sheets
Document # 100492
11" x 17" 20 sheets



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