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Xerox 5700 Series Evaluator Manual page 11

Tabloid-size black-and-white multifunction printer
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Scan features
WorkCentre 5700 Series devices offer
powerful network scanning capabilities,
providing a digital on-ramp for your hard-copy
documents and enabling them to be distrib-
uted, edited, archived, and utilized by your
enterprise applications.
The WorkCentre 5700 Series DADF encom-
passes a range of scan performance levels
and capacities:
• WorkCentre 5735/5740/5745/5755 —
60 ipm with black-and-white scanning, 80 ipm
with color scanning, 75-sheet capacity
• WorkCentre 5765/5775/5790 — 80 ipm
black-and-white and color scanning,
100-sheet capacity
The WorkCentre 5700 Series supports a variety
of scan destinations, including:
• Scan to Email — send scanned images to
email recipients, with authentication and
LDAP for network security and integration
• Scan to Mailbox — stores scanned images
on hard drive for retrieval at desktop
• Scan to PC — scans documents directly to a
PC by selecting a PC from the local address
book or by browsing the network on the front
panel UI
• Scan to Home — sends scanned images to a
preassigned "home" destination such as an
e-mail address, FTP location or folder
• Network Scanning — templates enable
transportation of scanned images to multiple
predefined locations
Additional Xerox
scan software is available
to expand the capabilities of your WorkCentre
5700 Series:
• Xerox
Scan to PC Desktop
software for scanning,
organizing and sharing images with Nuance
software, which converts hard-
copy documents into searchable and editable
electronic files
• Xerox
— eases the process
of editing metadata, choosing file formats,
and distributing scanned files to multiple
destinations, including remote printers, email,
network folders, mailboxes, fax destinations,
and more
In addition to a flexible set of destinations
and additional software, the WorkCentre 5700
Series includes a set of scan features high-
lighted by:
• File formats — support for PDF and search-
able PDF, JPEG, TIFF, multipage TIFF, and XPS
• Scan resolution — up to 600 x 600 dpi
Fax features
The WorkCentre 5700 Series devices also offer
optional fax capabilities that help further
consolidate office functions. This full-featured
fax solution combined with the concurrency of
the WorkCentre 5700 Series devices means an
end to supporting a dedicated fax machine. Fax
features include:
• Walk-up fax — traditional 33.6 Kbps phone-
line faxing via front panel with one- and
— bundles
three-line options
• Network server fax enablement — allows
faxes to be sent and received digitally over the
network with support for SMTP and POP3
• Internet fax enablement — transmits faxes
digitally via the internet with support for
• LAN fax — transmits faxes digitally from
desktop computers via print driver
• Large format support — print received faxes
on 11 x 17 in. paper
• Two-sided fax — send and receive two-sided
• Secure fax — holds received faxes until PIN
code is entered
• Format support —
– Phone-line fax — G3, Super G3
– Internet/Network server fax — PDF, multi-
page TIFF, image-only PDF with G3 MH/G4
MMR/JPEG compression, TIFF-FX with G3
MH/JPEG compression
WorkCentre 5700 Series Evaluator Guide



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