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Evaluate Reliability - Xerox 5700 Series Evaluator Manual

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Section 1: Evaluating Workgroup Multifunction Printers

Evaluate Reliability

Office productivity relies on tools that do their jobs day in and day out.
Consider how often you need to intervene to replace paper or other consumables
or to clear jams. How easy is that intervention, and how long is the device typically
down? If outside assistance is required, how easy is it to schedule and how long do
you have to wait? Is the device a reliable network citizen? Has it been tested and
certified by independent industry participants?
How the WorkCentre 5700
Series exceeds the reliability
Day-to-day reliability
Reliability comes in two forms: system reli-
ability and image reliability. WorkCentre 5700
Series devices have been designed to provide
maximum system reliability and uptime: Simple
paper paths and minimal moving parts help
optimize day-to-day reliability and contribute to
monthly duty cycles* of:
• WorkCentre 5735 — 125,000
• WorkCentre 5740 — 150,000
• WorkCentre 5745 — 200,000
• WorkCentre 5755 — 225,000
• WorkCentre 5765 — 250,000
• WorkCentre 5775 — 300,000
• WorkCentre 5790 — 400,000
* Duty cycle is a measure of the maximum number
of copies/prints that can be run during peak periods.
Any paper jams or misfeeds that do occur can
be easily cleared through access doors on the
front of the machine, enabling your employees
to proactively resolve most issues and limit
help-desk calls. With a possible maximum paper
capacity of up to 8,700 sheets, WorkCentre
5700 Series devices can also drastically reduce
paper reloading downtime. Xerox
technology also helps minimize downtime by
predicting when critical parts will fail and alert-
ing you to order replacement units. Smart Kit
replaceable units are as simple to replace as
toner cartridges. Further, if a WorkCentre 5700
Series device does experience an interruption in
service, CentreWare alerts can be configured to
automatically inform IT staff.
Service / support
Building on the reliability engineered into
the WorkCentre 5700 Series devices, Xerox
has trained and developed a sophisticated
service-delivery network capable of maintaining
your equipment, addressing issues users may
encounter, and training IT staff and employees
on how to get the most out of the equipment.
Smart Kit
WorkCentre 5700 Series Evaluator Guide



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