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Evaluate Security Capabilities - Xerox 5700 Series Evaluator Manual

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Section 1: Evaluating Workgroup Multifunction Printers

Evaluate Security Capabilities

What types of security requirements are critical to your office?
have the security features to meet these demands? Can device access be password
protected? Does the system remove latent images on its hard drive? Does the system
have features in place to protect confidential documents?
How the WorkCentre 5700 Series
exceeds the security requirement
Integrated security
In today's business environment, security is a
critical competency. The technology you deploy
into your organization must have a complete
set of capabilities to help keep your confidential
information safe. The WorkCentre 5700 Series
delivers security features that protect your con-
fidential information at all points of document
Document —
• Secure fax — protect faxed documents
by requiring a PIN access code before the
received fax is printed
• Secure print — holds print jobs at the device
before they are printed
Device —
• Audit log — tracks printing, scanning and
network fax activities by user, time and date
• Restrict job detail display — hides job names
when non-authenticated users view job queue
• Secure Access Unified ID System
magnetic card-based access eases authenti-
cation and access to device features
• User Authentication — restricts access to
device features and management settings
by validating user names and passwords,
with SMB, LDAP, LDAP+SSL, and Kerberos
Hard Drive —
• Encrypted disk drive — applies 128-bit
encryption to data stored on the device
hard drive
• Image overwrite — electronically "shreds"
data stored on the device hard drive using
an algorithm specified by U.S. Department
of Defense Directive 5200.28-M
Network —
• Fax and network isolation — controller archi-
tecture separates the network connection
and the fax telephone line to avoid incoming
fax-based network attacks
• Firewall — restricts access via IP address
filtering, domain filtering and port blocking
• IEEE 802.1X protocol — ensures devices
connected to the network are properly
• IPsec — encrypts print jobs sent to the device
utilizing IPsec
• IPv6 support — built-in support for networks
utilizing the IPv6 standard
• Secure data protocols — secures network
communications with industry standards
including HTTPS (SSL), SNMP v3.0, and IPsec
Does the device
Third-party certification
has a proven track record of participa-
tion and compliance with emerging government
security standards and third-party testing and
certification. The prime example of the Xerox
commitment is our participation in the Common
Criteria Certification process: Xerox
products, along with highly structured state-
ments of the product's information security
capabilities, for validation by an independent,
government-sponsored laboratory. Certification
is a costly, rigorous, time-consuming process.
currently has more multifunction printer
products certified than any vendor in the
For more information on Xerox
WorkCentre 5700 Series Evaluator Guide
submits its
security, visit



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