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Product Overview; Section 2: Introducing The Xerox - Xerox 5700 Series Evaluator Manual

Tabloid-size black-and-white multifunction printer
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Section 2: Introducing the Xerox

Series Multifunction Device

Product Overview

Engineered to make you more productive.
printers provide the right tools for the work you do every day, plus advanced capabili-
ties that help you work smarter, cost-effectively and more securely.
Offi ce work optimized
Streamline your critical business processes and
make your daily tasks faster and more effi cient.
From easy walk-up copying to powerful scan
and fax capabilities — even full color scan to
email — these multifunctions printers work as
hard as you do.
• Dramatically increase your workfl ow
effi ciency. Cutting-edge scanning functional-
ity opens the door to better ways of getting
work done. Scan to Email quickly distributes
documents to multiple email addresses. Store
fi les on the device, or in a personal directory.
You can also scan documents to network
folders, FTP sites and fax servers right from
the device.
• Scan to Mailbox feature allows you to
scan to a folder on the printer's hard drive
to reprint on demand or retrieve via a web
• Easy archiving, organizing and searching.
With scan to searchable PDF or XPS fi les, you
can create a fully text-searchable fi le and
integrate it into your workfl ow process in one
easy step.
WorkCentre 5700 Series multifunction
• Automatic fi le distribution. The exclu-
sive Xerox
scan, capture and
distribution software option lets you route
documents to multiple destinations — email,
folders, document management systems or
remote devices — from a single scan, using
a pre-set workfl ow. LDAP capability can even
integrate your network address book.
• Quick access to frequently printed
documents. The Capture/Print, Save &
Reprint feature lets you store scanned docu-
ments on the device for exact reprint later,
while also retaining the fl exibility to change
document parameters before reprinting.
• Extensive fax capabilities. Network Server
Fax enablement, Internet Fax enablement
(to avoid long distance charges) and Walkup
Fax with LAN Fax. With fax forward to email
feature, incoming faxes can be automatically
routed to any valid email address, device
folder or network folder to save paper and
speed retrieval.
WorkCentre 5700
The power you need
for more productivity
WorkCentre 5700 Series multifunction printers
stay on task and deliver optimum results no
matter how demanding the workload.
• The speed you need. With ultra-fast copying
and printing — choose from 35 ppm up to
an amazing 90 ppm — there's more than
enough speed to meet the needs of any busy
department or workgroup.
• Lab-tested performance. According to
laboratory testing, the advanced Xerox
WorkCentre controller outperforms the
competition when printing the documents
business professionals work on every day.
• Multitasking mastery. Scan a job while
another job prints. Send a fax while making
copies. The powerful 1.2 GHz Freescale pro-
cessor concurrently processes all jobs received,
and performs multiple tasks simultaneously.
WorkCentre 5700 Series Evaluator Guide



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