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Using Cf Card Extension Unit; Bundled Item; Attaching The Cf Card Extension Unit - Casio DT-X11 Series User Manual

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Using CF Card Extension Unit

The CF Card Extension Unit (DT-894CFU) supports use of Compact flash (CF) Type I
cards and Type II cards (3.3).
Use the procedure below to load and remove CF cards.
• Installing some cards will make it impossible to close the card slot cover. When
that happens, you can either use the Large Card Cover or you can use the
Handheld Terminal and CF card without a card slot cover. Keep the card slot
cover in a safe place where you will not lose it. Note that the Handheld Terminal
is not water resistant if its card slot cover is removed. Exercise special care when
using the Handheld Terminal without its card slot cover attached.
• When using a CF storage card, be sure to close the card slot cover.

Attaching the CF Card Extension Unit

Attach the CF Card Extension Unit to the back of the Handheld Terminal. The CF Card
Extension Unit connector is located under a protective cover.
1. Loosen two screws and detach the protector from the connector.
2. Attach the CF Extension Card Unit after peeling off the seals (2) on the back, and
then firmly secure it by fastening all the way down on the back of the Handheld
Terminal with the screws 1, 2, 3 and 4 provided. Although screws 3 and 4
may be particularly difficult to insert, make sure they are inserted all the way in.

Bundled Item

Attach to the connector part.
4 screws
Large Card Cover
Use this cover when you
have a data communication
card or other large card
installed in the card slot.


Table of Contents

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