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Replacing The Battery; Replacing The Battery Pack - Casio DT-X11 Series User Manual

Handheld terminal
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Replacing the Battery

Your Handheld Terminal uses two types of battery: a battery pack and a memory
backup battery.
The battery pack is used to power normal operations and to store data, while the
memory backup battery provides the power required to maintain memory contents
when the battery pack power is unable to supply power for some reason.
The operating power is supplied by a battery pack. You can choose between a battery
pack (HA-A20BAT) and a large-capacity battery pack (DT-5025LBAT).
When using the CF Card Extention Unit (DT-894CFU) or a PC card (such as a data
communication card), it is recommended that you use the large-capacity battery pack
(DT-5025LBAT) instead of the standard battery pack (HA-A20BAT).
The backup battery is installed inside of the Handheld Terminal.
This guide uses the following terms to refer to the batteries.
Battery Pack:
Backup Battery: Built-in battery for memory backup
When the battery pack power goes low, immediately charge it or replace it with a
charged battery pack.
You can use the Dual Battery Charger, the Cradle-type Battery Charger, or the Bridge
Satellite Cradle to charge a battery pack. See the sections of this guide that cover the
Dual Battery Charger, the Cradle-type Battery Charger, and the Bridge Satellite Cradle
for information about how to use them for charging.

Replacing the Battery Pack

Always keep backup copies of all important data!
• The main battery powers normal operation and also provides power required to
maintain memory contents, while the backup battery provides backup power to
maintain memory contents. Because of this, you should not remove the main
battery while the backup battery is dead. Removing the battery pack while the
backup battery is dead causes data in the memory to be corrupted or lost. Note
that once data is lost it cannot be recovered. Always keep separate backup copies
of all important data.
• The charge of a battery pack when you purchase it may be depleted due to
testing at the factory or natural discharge during shipment and storage. Be sure
to charge the battery pack before you use it.
• The life of a battery pack is limited, and charging a battery pack causes it to
gradually lose its ability to maintain the charge. If your battery pack seems to
require charging very frequently, it probably means it is time to purchase a new one.
• A fully charged backup battery can maintain memory (RAM) contents for about
10 minutes, even when the main battery is removed.
• The backup battery achieves a full charge in about four days when the battery
pack is loaded.
Rechargeable battery pack (DT-5025LBAT, HA-A20BAT) for
normal operations and data storage



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