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Resetting The Handheld Terminal - Casio DT-X11 Series User Manual

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Resetting the Handheld Terminal

Resetting the Handheld Terminal is the same as restarting a computer. Performing a
reset causes all unsaved inputs and edits to be lost, but data that is already stored in the
memory as well as all settings should be unaffected.
Use reset to restore normal operation whenever the Handheld Terminal operates
abnormally due to misoperation or some other reason.
Use the stylus to press the reset switch on the back of the Handheld Terminal.
This starts the reset operation.
If reset does not find a memory problem
The Handheld Terminal restarts, and normal operation is restored.
If reset finds a memory problem
A message like the one shown below appears on the display when the reset operation
discovers a memory problem.
Memory Corruption Warning
A problem with memory contents has been
found. Press [R trigger key] to continue with
the reset procedure which restores
normal system operation.
Note that if the system determines that user
memory cannot be repaired it will delete all
user data currently in memory.
See the User's Guide for details about
When this message appears, press the R Trigger key to continue with the reset
operation. Note, however, that reset may not be successful depending on the condition
of the memory. In this case, perform the full reset operation described on the next page.
initializing memory.
L trigger
R trigger


Table of Contents

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