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Operating Precautions - Casio DT-X11 Series User Manual

Handheld terminal
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Operating Precautions

Your Handheld Terminal and its options are precision digital instruments. Improper
operation or rough handling can cause problems with data storage and other problems.
Note and observe the following precautions to ensure proper operation.
• Do not continue operating the Handheld Terminal when battery power is low.
Doing so can cause data to be lost. When the battery goes low, charge it as soon as
• Do not leave dead batteries in the Handheld Terminal for a long period.
Dead batteries can leak, leading to malfunction and damage to the Handheld
• Use the Handheld Terminal and its options only within the specified
temperature range.
Use outside of the specified temperature range creates the risk of malfunction.
• Avoid using the Handheld Terminal and its options in areas subject to the
following conditions.
The following conditions create the risk of damage to the Handheld Terminal.
— Large amounts of static electricity
— Extreme heat or extreme cold
— High humidity
— Sudden temperature extremes
— Large amounts of dust
• Use only the special stylus that comes with the Handheld Terminal to operate its
touch screen and reset button.
• Do not use any tool other than the special stylus to operate the touch screen.
Other tools can scratch the touch screen and lead to malfunction.
• Never use thinner, benzene, cosmetic cleaning fluids, or other volatile agents to
clean the Handheld Terminal.
To clean the Handheld Terminal, wipe it with a dry cloth, or a cloth moistened in
a weak solution of water and a mild neutral detergent. Wring all excess moisture
from the cloth before wiping.


Table of Contents

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