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Moving Off; Braking - Ducati Diavel Owner's Manual

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Moving off

1) Disengage the clutch by squeezing the clutch lever.
2) Push down the gear change lever firmly with the tip of
your foot to engage first gear.
3) Raise the engine revs by turning the throttle twistgrip
while gradually releasing the clutch lever. The motorcycle
will start moving.
4) Release the clutch lever completely and accelerate.
5) To shift up, close the throttle to slow down engine,
disengage the clutch, lift the gear change lever and let go of
clutch lever.
To shift down, proceed as follows: release the twistgrip, pull
the clutch control lever, shortly speed up to help gears
synchronise, shift down (engage next lower gear) and
release the clutch.
The controls should be used correctly and timely: when
riding uphill, do not hesitate to shift down as soon as the
motorcycle starts to slow down, so you will avoid stressing
the engine and the motorcycle abnormally.
Avoid sudden acceleration, as this may lead to
misfiring and transmission snatching. The clutch lever should
not be held in longer than necessary after a gear is engaged,
otherwise friction parts may overheat and wear out.
Prolonged rearing could deactivate the ABS system.


Slow down in time, shift down to engine-brake first and then
brake applying both brakes. Pull the clutch lever before
stopping the motorcycle, to avoid sudden engine stop.


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