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Entering PIN CODE function for vehicle release
This function turns on the motorcycle "temporarily" in the
case of HF (Hands Free) system "malfunctions".
To activate the function, press the "emergency" Hands Free
button (7, fig. 91) if the motorcycle cannot be turned on using
the normal starter button.
After pressing the button, the dashboard activates the
"INSERT PIN CODE" indication on the display with four
dashes "- - - -" in the bottom line highlighted in green to enter
the 4 digit PIN code.
Entering the code:
press the reset button (12, fig. 12).
each time you press the button (2, fig. 14) "▼" the displayed
number increases from "0" to "9" and then returns to "0";
to confirm the number, press the reset button (12, fig. 12);
repeat the procedure until inserting the fourth digit;
press the reset button (12, fig. 12) again to confirm.
If the code is incorrect, the dashboard will return to the four
dashes " - - - - " indication in order to enter the code again.
There is no limit to the number of times the code can
be re-entered; the dashboard will turn off automatically 120
seconds after an attempt to enter the code.
If the entered code was correctly, the message "CORRECT"
will flash on the display for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, the
dashboard will return to the "normal" view (with all
indications active).
From this moment, the vehicle can be started using the start
button (Key-On).
The vehicle can be started until a Key-Off is performed;
if the problem still persists upon the next starting attempt,
repeat the procedure from the beginning in order to start the
motorcycle "temporarily".
If this procedure is necessary in order to start the
vehicle, contact an Authorised Ducati Service Centre as soon
as possible to fix the problem.


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