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In the state of California only, emissions related warranted
parts are specifically defined by that state's Emissions
Warranty Parts List. These warranted parts are: carburetor
and internal parts; intake manifold; fuel tank, fuel injection
system; spark advance mechanism; crankcase breather; air
cutoff valves; fuel tank cap for evaporative emission
controlled vehicles; oil filler cap; pressure control valve; fuel/
vapor separator; canister; igniters; breaker governors;
ignition coils; ignition wires; ignition points, condensers, and
spark plugs if failure occors prior to the first scheduled
replacement, and hoses, clamps, fittings and tubing used
directly in these parts. Since emission related parts may vary
from model to model, certain models may not contain all of
these parts and certain models may contain functionally
equivalent parts.
In the state of California only, Emission Control System
emergency repairs, as provided for in the California
Administrative Code, may be performed by other than an
authorized Ducati dealer. An emergency situation occurs
when an authorized Ducati dealer is not reasonably available,
a part is not available within 30 days, or a repair is not
complete within 30 days. Any replacement part can be used
in an emergency repair. Ducati will reimburse the owner for
the expenses, including diagnosis, not to exceed Ducati's
suggested retail price for all warranted parts replaced and
labor charges based on Ducati's recommended time
allowance for the warranty repair and the geographically
appropriate hourly labor rate. The owner may be required to
keep receipts and failed parts in order to receive
II. Limitations
This Emission Control System Warranty shall not cover any
of the following:
A. Repair or replacement required as a result of
(1) accident,
(2) misuse,
(3) repairs improperly performed or replacements improperly
(4) use of replacement parts or accessories not conforming
to Ducati specifications which adversely affect performance
(5) use in competitive racing or related events.
B. Inspections, replacement of parts and other services and
adjustments required for routine maintenance.
C. Any motorcycle on which odometer mileage has been
changed so that actual mileage cannot be readily
III. Limited liability
A. The liability of Ducati under this Emission Control Systems
Warranty is limited solely to the remedying of defects in
material or workmanship by an authorized Ducati motorcycle
dealer at its place of business during customary business
hours. This warranty does not cover inconvenience or loss of
use of the motorcycle or transportation of the motorcycle to
or from the Ducati dealer. Ducati shall not be liable for any
other expenses, loss or damage, whether direct, incidental,
consequential or exemplary arising in connection with the
sale or use of or inability to use the Ducati motorcycle for any
purpose. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation


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