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Winterizing - Jandy AquaPure APURE700 Installation And Operation Manual

Aquapure electronic chlorine generator
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Thoroughly rinse the Flow/Temp/Salinity Sensor with clean tap water. Replace and resume normal
Turn power off and back on in order to recalibrate and reset Flow/Temp/Salinity Sensor. Reset
anytime Flow/Temp/Salinity Sensor is unplugged.

6.6 Winterizing

Very little chlorine is needed in cold water. Below 51 Degrees Fahrenheit chlorine production is not
permitted, i.e., operating chlorinator in cold water might allow the pool water to become over chlorinated.
If more chlorine should be needed, activating the "Boost" mode will override this cold water feature
allowing chlorine production for 24 hours of operation. See page 21.
If preventative measures are not taken, freezing water may cause severe damage to the Cell and Flow/
Temp/Salinity Sensor. Prevent freeze damage to the Cell and Flow/Temp/Salinity Sensor by running pump
continuously or winterize pool by draining water from pump, fi lter, and all intake and return lines. Remove
the cell, clean and store it. Disconnect the Flow/Temp/Salinity Sensor from the control center, then remove
it from the threaded PVC Tee or 3-Port Cell. Wrap Flow/Temp/Salinity Sensor in a plastic bag or protective
covering and coil Flow/Temp/Salinity Sensor and DC power cord cables around the control center for
storage. Cap the third port of the cell with provided plug and cap.
An optional Spool Piece is available to replace the cell during winterizing or cell maintenance. This will
enable the pool pump to circulate water with the cell out of the line. See Figure 14.
When a FREEZE CONTROLLER is used on pump equipment and the AquaPure is run through the winter,
turn the AquaPure CHLORINE PRODUCTION down to 10 - 20%. Otherwise, chlorine production will
exceed the recommended level of 1.0 - 3.0 PPM.
NOTE Above 3.0 PPM may cause corrosion of pool metals and possibly cause damage to associated pool
Remove Cell
PVC Union
Figure 14.
Spool Piece Location
Insert Spool Piece
PVC Union
and 2" Nut
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