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How Much Salt To Use; How To Add Salt To The Pool - Jandy AquaPure APURE700 Installation And Operation Manual

Aquapure electronic chlorine generator
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How Much Salt to Use?

Use Table 1 to determine how much salt will be needed. Most pools contain some salt depending on the
water source and chemicals used for sanitizing. If the AquaPure has not been wired and turned on yet, a
hand held meter calibrated for NaCl (salt) can be used to determine the existing salt concentration of the
water. If the AquaPure is wired in (connected), use it to determine the salinity.
Set Chlorine Production to 00%. Operating the unit above 00% production without salt will damage
Cell. The Salinity button
installation, or a complete water change so long as the Chlorine Production is set to 00%. See Section 5.4.2,
step 2.
• 3.0 to 3.5 gpl of salt is recommended for optimum water conditions.
• Low salt concentration below 2.0 gpl will cause premature cell failure.
• High salt concentration above 4.0 gpl may damage the power center.
• High salt concentration above 6.0 gpl may cause corrosion damage to pool fi xtures.
NOTE Should too much salt be inadvertently added to the pool see Section 7, Troubleshooting.
NOTE To convert gpl (grams per liter) of a salt solution to PPM (Parts Per Million) of a salt solution multiply by 1000,
i.e., 3.0 gpl salt X 1000 = 3000 PPM salt.

How to Add Salt to the Pool?

Turn on pump to circulate pool water.
IMPORTANT - Turn the AquaPure off by pressing the arrow button
PRODUCTION Rate to 00%.
Determine amount of salt from the following charts.
Broadcast or spread the salt into the outer perimeter of the pool, or into the shallow end of the pool for
quick and even distribution.
To avoid clogging the fi lter or damaging control center and pump, do not add salt through the
skimmer, main drain, or surge tank.
Brush the pool bottom and allow water to circulate for 24 hours to dissolve completely and mix evenly
with the pool water.
After 24 hours, verify correct salt reading.
Turn on the AquaPure and set to desired Production rate (Press arrow button
NOTE For a new pool or newly resurfaced pool it is recommended to wait 14 days (surface should be completely
cured) before adding salt. Follow the pool surface manufacturers guidelines for your particular pool. For vinyl
and fi berglass pools, salt can be added at start up.
on the AquaPure can be used to determine salinity in the case of a new pool
and setting CHLORINE
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