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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for NEC 900i

  • Page 1: Cordless Phone

    900i Cordless Phone Installation and User Guide 85456DINS02...
  • Page 2 No representation is made that this guide is complete or accu- rate in all respects and NEC America shall not be liable for any errors or omissions. In no event shall NEC America be liable for any incidental or consequential damages in connection with the use of this guide.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Section 1 Installation In this section Page Precautions ......1-2 Installation ......1-6 Selecting the Installation Location .
  • Page 4: Precautions

    Before you read anything else, please observe the following: WARNING! NEC America Inc. DOES NOT represent this unit to be waterproof. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or damage to the unit, DO NOT expose this unit to rain or moisture.
  • Page 5 Precautions Important Safety Instructions When using your telephone equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, and injury to persons, including the following: Read and understand all instructions. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning.
  • Page 6 Precautions 11. To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not disassemble this prod- uct. Contact qualified service personnel when service or repair work is required. Opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltages or other risks. Incorrect reassembly can cause electric shock when the appliance is subsequently used.
  • Page 7: Save These Instructions

    Precautions CAUTION: To reduce the risk of fire or injury to persons by the bat- tery, read and follow these instructions: Use only the appropriate type and size battery specified in this Operating Guide. Do not dispose of the battery in a fire. The cell may explode. Do not open or mutilate the battery.
  • Page 8: Installation

    Installation Selecting the Installation Location Select a location for the phone that avoids excessive heat or humidity. The base unit can be placed on a desk or tabletop near a standard 120V AC outlet and telephone line jack. The base unit can also be mounted on a standard AT&T or GTE wall plate using the Wall Mount Adaptor.
  • Page 9: Applying Power To The Base Unit

    Installation Applying Power to the Base Unit Use the supplied 10V adaptor. Line In from Telephone Jack Line Out to Optional Nitsuko Telephone Adaptor Applying Power to the Desktop Charger Use the supplied 9V AC adaptor. Wrap the power cord around the convenient notch on the bottom.
  • Page 10: Attaching The Belt Clip To The Handset

    Installation Before using your phone, be sure to raise the antenna to the vertical position. 85456 - 5a Attaching the Belt Clip to the Handset You can use the Belt Clip to attach the handset to your belt or pocket for con- venient portability.
  • Page 11: Charging The Handset Battery

    Installation Charging the Handset Battery The rechargeable lead-acid battery must be fully charged before using your phone for the first time. Charge the battery without interruption for 15-20 hours. You should not completely discharge the battery as this could possibly damage it.
  • Page 12: Low Battery Indicator

    Installation Low Battery Indicator When the battery in the handset is low and needs to be charged, you will see a “BATT LOW” warning icon on the display. Return the handset to the desktop charger for charging or replace the handset battery with the spare battery.
  • Page 13: Upgrading The Firmware

    Upgrading the Firmware Use these instructions when upgrading the Firmware ROM in your 900 or 900i Base Unit. The new ROM in your upgrade kit is a static-sensitive component. Be sure to follow the instructions below carefully. Failure to follow proper anti-static precautions could damage your new firmware.
  • Page 14: Optional Equipment

    Optional Equipment Desk Phone The cordless phone allows for the connection of an optional keyset phone. This allows you to have a keyset phone to use while at your desk, and when you need to be away from your desk, you can carry the cordless phone with you.
  • Page 15: Headset

    Optional Equipment Headset The optional headset provides a handsfree option for your convenience. With the headset installed, you can use the belt clip to carry the handset and conduct a conversation using the headset. To install the optional headset, open the cover over the HEADSET jack and plug the headset in.
  • Page 16: System Programming

    System Programming The following system programming is suggested for the best operation of your cordless phone: Programming - Onyx VSi System In program E8 - Ringing Line Preference: 1. Enable Ringing Ling Preference for the cordless phone’s extension number. In program KS - Programming Keys for Keysets: 1.
  • Page 17 System Programming In program 0909 - Extension Ring Group Assignment: 1. Assign the cordless phone’s extension to a Ring Group. In addition to the other normal keyset programming, the following programs can be set so an optional desk phone can be used in addition to the cordless phone: In program 1009 - Cordless/Desktop Extension Assignment: 1.
  • Page 18: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble Shooting Trouble Shooting Procedures If your phone is not performing to your expectations, please try these simple steps. If you are still unable to resolve the problem, contact your communica- tions manager. Problem Suggestion Charge light won’t come • Make sure the AC Adaptor is plugged on when the handset is into the desktop charger and wall outlet.
  • Page 19 Section 2 Features In this section Page Basic Operation .....2-5 Using the Handset ....2-5 Onyx VSi Features .
  • Page 20 In this section Page Monitor ......2-24 Operator Assistance ....2-25 Page Zone .
  • Page 21 In this section Page Department Calling ....2-59 Department Step Calling ... .2-61 Directed Call Pickup ....2-61 Do Not Disturb .
  • Page 22 In this section Page Voice Prompting Messages ...2-89 Volume Controls ....2-90 Charts and Illustrations ...2-91 Onyx VSi - Your System’s Dialing Plan .
  • Page 23: Basic Operation

    BASIC OPERATION Basic Operation Operation of the phone is performed using the handset out of the desktop charger. The exceptions are charging the handset battery and transferring a call to your desk phone. For a Quick Reference Chart of feature operations, refer to pages 2-97 (Onyx VSi system) or 2-99 (i-Series system).
  • Page 24 20 seconds Lock Mode To prevent any calls from being placed on the 900i, you can enable the Lock Mode feature. This feature allows you to answer any incoming calls, but restricts the phone for any outgoing use.
  • Page 25: Onyx Vsi Features

    Onyx VSi Features...
  • Page 26 - For Your Notes -...
  • Page 27: Basic Feature Operation

    Onyx VSi System Outside Calls Basic Feature Operation Outside Calls You can place an outside call by dialing a code or by pressing a line key. To answer an outside call, you can use either a line or a loop key. To place an outside call: 1.
  • Page 28: Hold

    Intercom Calls Onyx VSi System Intercom Calls You can voice-announce your Intercom call to a keyset phone or have the called extension ring. When you voice-announce, the other party hears you over the phone speaker and can speak Handsfree. Keep in mind when using Intercom, you may not be able to voice-announce to some extensions.
  • Page 29: Transfer

    Onyx VSi System Transfer For a line you placed on Hold that does not appear on your phone: 1. Press TALK. 2. Press HOLD. For a line somebody else placed on System Hold that does not appear on your phone: 1.
  • Page 30 Transfer Onyx VSi System To retrieve a transferred outside call: 1. Press TALK. 2. Press the flashing line key for the call. To Transfer a call to your desk phone: 1. Press the DESK button on the base unit. The DESK button flashes. 2.
  • Page 31: System Features

    Onyx VSi System Account Codes System Features Account Codes For billing or other purposes, you can enter an Account Code (a number up to 10 digits long) to categorize your outside call. This Account Code is included in a report that the system generates. You can enter an Account Code manually as described below, or you can program a Function key for Account Code entry (refer to “Speed Dial”).
  • Page 32: Call Forwarding

    Call Forwarding Onyx VSi System Call Forwarding With Call Forwarding, you can reroute your incoming calls to another exten- sion or to an outside number. To forward calls: (This may be programmed on a Function key. See “Speed Dial”.) 1. Press TALK. 2.
  • Page 33: Callback

    Onyx VSi System Caller ID Callback When you call a busy extension, you may leave a Callback request for a return call. You do not have to repeatedly call the busy extension back, hoping to find it idle. To leave a Callback for an outside line, refer to the Line Callback fea- ture.
  • Page 34 Caller ID Onyx VSi System When you see ... It means ... PRIVATE Your caller has blocked Caller ID. OUT OF AREA Your caller has dialed from an area that does not support Caller ID. UNAVAILABLE Your telephone company’s Caller ID service is out of order.
  • Page 35: Camp-On

    Onyx VSi System Conference Camp-On Camp-On allows you to call a busy extension or line and wait off-hook until that extension or line becomes free. To Camp-On to a busy extension or line: (Do not hang up.) 1. Dial C. -If you Camp-On to a busy extension...
  • Page 36: Conference, Unsupervised

    Conference, Unsupervised Onyx VSi System To cancel a Conference: 1. Press TALK. If your Conference included an Intercom call, your caller continues to converse after you hang up. 1. Place Conference on Hold. 2. Disconnect one of your callers. 3. Hang up on your remaining caller. Conference, Unsupervised Use Unsupervised Conference when you want to join two outside callers in a Conference -- then leave the Conference and allow them to talk privately.
  • Page 37: Display Messages

    Onyx VSi System Group Call Pickup -This procedure also picks up a call on System Hold or Parked at the extension you dial. Refer to the Hold and Park features. Display Messages Messages appear in the display window to provide helpful information at a glance.
  • Page 38: Group Ring

    Group Ring Onyx VSi System Group Ring During installation, certain extensions in your system were arranged into Ring Groups. When you call a Ring Group number, all extensions in the Ring Group ring. You can also answer a Ring Group call. To place a call to a Ring Group: (You can program this on a Feature key.
  • Page 39: Intrusion (Barge-In)

    Onyx VSi System Intrusion (Barge-In) When the Hotline key is ... Your partner is ... Idle Busy Flashing You may be able to override an extension in Do Not Disturb using your Hotline key. To place a call using a Hotline key: 1.
  • Page 40: Last Number Redial

    Last Number Redial Onyx VSi System -Busy party hears two short beeps. -You cannot Intrude on a Conference call. -If you hear fast busy tone, you cannot Intrude. 2. Wait about four seconds, your display will show “Conference Call”. -You and the other two parties are in Conference. Last Number Redial This feature is always available.
  • Page 41: Meet-Me Conference

    Onyx VSi System Meet-Me Conference To answer when Callback rings you back. 1. Press TALK. You hear dial tone on the line you requested. 2. Place call. To cancel a Callback request to a specific line: 1. Try to access busy line again. You hear busy tone.
  • Page 42: Message Waiting

    You can leave a Message Waiting indication at a busy or unanswered extension requesting a return call. The indication is a MSG icon (on a 900i phone) or a flashing MW LED (on a keyset). Also refer to the Voice Mail feature.
  • Page 43: Operator Assistance

    Onyx VSi System Operator Assistance CAUTION: Unauthorized monitoring of calls using this feature may be inter- preted as an invasion of privacy. To monitor a call: 1. Press TALK and then #. 2. Dial the extension number. 3. Dial M. You hear the conversation.
  • Page 44: Page Zone

    Page Zone Onyx VSi System To erase all OPA messages (including the ACD overflow mes- sage): 1. Press TALK and dial #. 2. Dial MV. 3. Press #. 4. Dial Y. To exit the procedure without erasing the messages, dial N. 5.
  • Page 45: Park

    Onyx VSi System Park Page Zone Access Code All Call -You hear two beeps. -If your VS system has a PCU Module, you may have codes for additional External Page Zones. Check with your com- munications manager. 3. Make announcement. 4.
  • Page 46: Personal Greeting

    Personal Greeting Onyx VSi System To pick up a Parked call: (You can program this on a Feature key. Refer to “Speed Dial” for further information.) 1. Press TALK. If the phone’s link is still active, skip this step. 2. Dial Park Orbit access code. To use System Park, dial 60-69.
  • Page 47: Privacy Release Groups

    Onyx VSi System Room Monitor Privacy Release Groups If your extension is in a Privacy Release Group, you can enter another group member’s outside call unannounced and uninvited. Each member of the group can select Privacy. This prevents members from entering the call. To join a conversation with a member of your Privacy Release Group: 1.
  • Page 48: Selectable Display Messages

    Selectable Display Messages Onyx VSi System To allow an extension to use Room Monitor, system programming must have the Monitor feature enabled in the Class of Service. To activate Room Monitor: 1. Press TALK and dial #. 2. Dial the extension number to be monitored. 3.
  • Page 49: Speed Dial

    Onyx VSi System Speed Dial Speed Dial Speed Dial gives you quick access to frequently called numbers. There are two types of Speed Dial: Personal and System. Each Speed Dial number can be up to 16 digits long. Using either Personal or System Speed Dial numbers, you can chain (link) two numbers to access longer numbers (up to 32 digits).
  • Page 50 Speed Dial Onyx VSi System System Speed Dial System Speed Dial numbers are accessible from any extension. Normally only the attendant and the system programmer can store or change the System Speed Dial numbers. Check with your communications manager to see what your System Speed Dial numbers are.
  • Page 51 Onyx VSi System Speed Dial out automatically. 1. Press TALK. You can preselect a line by then pressing a line key + CONF. 2. Press a One-Touch Speed Dial key. -If the number includes a pause, press * to force dialing to continue.
  • Page 52: Station Call Coverage

    Station Call Coverage Onyx VSi System Station Call Coverage A Station Call Coverage key gives you one-touch call pickup, Transfer and Intercom for the assigned extension. A Call Coverage key also shows you the status of the covered extension. When the key is ... The covered phone is ...
  • Page 53 Onyx VSi System Voice Mail Call Forwarding to Voice Mail When you forward your phone to Voice Mail, your incoming calls automatically go to your mailbox. Your callers can leave a message instead of calling back later. You can choose one of three different Call Forwarding to Voice Mail modes: •Forward calls you do not answer •Forward calls when you are busy and calls you do not answer...
  • Page 54: Voice Prompting Messages

    Voice Prompting Messages Onyx VSi System To call a Message Center: (If the MSG icon appears on your display, you have messages waiting.) 1. Press TALK. 2. Press the FLASH key. You log onto the Message Center mailbox. You have all the options available to any other mailbox subscriber.
  • Page 55 Onyx VSi System Voice Prompting Messages Voice Prompt Description All lines are busy. For Plays when trying to place a call automatic Callback, please when all lines in the group are busy. press the Callback key. Audio file is full. Plays when trying to record a Personal Greeting when all memory has been used.
  • Page 56: Volume Controls

    Volume Controls Onyx VSi System Volume Controls Your telephone has 3 volume adjustments. While the phone is idle, you can turn the ringer to high, low, or vibrate alert. The vibrate setting will turn off the ringer but, instead, will vibrate when you have an incoming call. This allows you to be in a meeting and not interrupt the meeting with the ringing phone, but you don’t have to miss any calls either.
  • Page 57: I-Series Features

    i-Series Features 2-39...
  • Page 58 - For Your Notes - 2-40...
  • Page 59: Basic Feature Operation

    i-Series System Outside Calls Function keys are normally line keys, but you can program them for other features. In this user guide, the feature assigned to a function key appears in parentheses next to the words FUNCTION KEY. For example, FUNCTION KEY (Hotline) means press the function key set for Hotline.
  • Page 60 Outside Calls i-Series System To dial a code to select a specific line: 1. TALK + #9 + Line number (001-192). 2. Dial number. Check with your Communications Manager to see which lines you can use. To dial a code to select a line group: 1.
  • Page 61 i-Series System Outside Calls You May Have a Private Line A Private Line is simply a line on your phone that nobody else in the system can use. Only you can place and answer calls on your Private Line. Your Communications Manager can tell you if you have a Private Line.
  • Page 62: Hold

    Hold i-Series System Hold Hold places your call in a temporary waiting state until you can get back to it. While the call waits, you can process calls or use other features. And don’t worry if you forget about the call and leave it on Hold too long -- it will recall back to you.
  • Page 63 i-Series System Intercom Exclusive Hold To place an outside call on Exclusive Hold: 1. FUNCTION KEY (Exclusive Hold). The line key stutter flashes while on Hold; flashes slowly when recalling. To pick up an outside call on Exclusive Hold: 1. Press flashing line key. Group Hold To place a call on Hold so anyone in your group can pick it up: 1.
  • Page 64: Transfer

    Transfer i-Series System Handsfree Answerback and Forced Intercom Ringing Intercom calls you place may either ring or voice-announce at your co-work- er’s extension. What happens depends on how your co-worker’s extension is set up. You can, however, dial a code to change from one method to the other. To change the mode of an Intercom call you placed: 1.
  • Page 65 i-Series System Transfer 2. Dial co-worker’s extension number. If the extension is busy or doesn’t answer, you can dial another extension number or press the flashing line key to return to the call. In addition, you may be able to hang up and have the call Camp-On.
  • Page 66 Transfer i-Series System Meet Me External Paging Transfer To make a Meet Me External Paging Transfer: 1. HOLD. 2. Dial 803 + External Paging code (1-8 or 0 for All Call). 2. FUNCTION KEY (External Paging Zone). 2. Combined Paging Zone code (*1 + 0-8). 3.
  • Page 67 i-Series System Transfer Desk Phone Transfer To Transfer a call to your desk phone: 1. Press the DESK button on the base unit. The DESK button flashes. 2. Hang up cordless phone. 3. From your desk phone, pick up the handset and press the Pickup key.
  • Page 68 i-Series System - For Your Notes - 2-50...
  • Page 69: System Features

    i-Series System Abbreviated Dialing System Features Abbreviated Dialing Abbreviated Dialing gives you quick access to numbers you call frequently. This saves time, for example, when calling a client with whom you deal often. Instead of dialing a long telephone number, you just use Abbreviated Dialing. There are three types of Abbreviated Dialing: Common, Group and Personal.
  • Page 70: Account Codes

    Account Codes i-Series System Using Personal Abbreviated Dialing To store a Personal Abbreviated Dialing number: 1. Press TALK. 2. Dial 855 + the bin number (0-9) under which the telephone number will be stored. 3. Dial 804 + the trunk group number (1-128). 4.
  • Page 71: Alarm

    i-Series System Automated Attendant (VAU) You can access a trunk by pressing a line key or by dialing a code. Refer to page “Outside Calls, Placing” for more on placing outside calls. 2. Press * + Account Code (1-16 digits) + *. 3.
  • Page 72: Barge In

    Barge In i-Series System To record, listen to or erase an Automated Attendant greeting: 1. TALK + 116. 2. To record, dial 7. To listen, dial 5. To erase, dial 3. 3. Dial the VAU message number (01-16) for the Automated Attendant greeting you want to record, listen to or erase.
  • Page 73: Call Forwarding Off-Premise

    i-Series System Call Forwarding Off-Premise Call Forwarding when Busy or Not Answered Call Forwarding Immediate Call Forwarding when Not Answered Call Forwarding Immediate with Both Ringing Call Forwarding will reroute calls ringing your extension, including calls trans- ferred from another extension. You must enable Call Forwarding from your phone. To activate or cancel Call Forwarding: 1.
  • Page 74: Call Forward Follow Me

    Call Forward Follow Me i-Series System 1. FUNCTION KEY (Call Forward to Device). With Call Forwarding activated, the FUNCTION KEY flashes. 2. Press 6 + Dial line access code. Line access codes are 9 (ARS/Trunk Group Routing), 804 + Line Group (1-9, 01-99 or 001-128) or #9 + Line number (e.g., 05 or 005 for line 5).
  • Page 75: Call Forward/Dnd Override

    i-Series System Callback Call Forward/DND Override If you call an extension that is Call Forwarded or in Do Not Disturb, use Call Forwarding/DND Override to talk to the extension user anyway. This is helpful, for example, if you have an important message or emergency and you must get through.
  • Page 76: Conference

    Conference i-Series System If your phone has Automatic Callback, you answer the Callback ring as soon as you lift the handset out of the desktop charger or press TALK (if already out of the desktop charger). If your phone doesn’t have Automatic Callback, you must press the ringing line appearance key to answer the Callback ring.
  • Page 77: Conference, Voice Call

    i-Series System Department Calling Conference, Voice Call With Voice Call Conference, others in your work area can easily join into your outside calls. To initiate a Voice Call Conference, press a uniquely programmed Voice Call Conference key and tell your co-workers to join the call. The system releases the privacy on the line, and other users can just press the line key to join in.
  • Page 78 Department Calling i-Series System Priority Routing Call Call Call With Circular Routing, each call rings a new extension. Circular Routing Call 1 Call 2 Call 3 Call 4 To call a Department Group: 1. TALK + Department Group pilot number. To log out of your Department Group: 1.
  • Page 79: Department Step Calling

    i-Series System Do Not Disturb Department Step Calling If you place an Intercom call to a busy Department Group member, Department Step Calling allows you to quickly call another member in the same group. You don’t have to hang up and place another Intercom call. You can also use Department Step Calling to cycle through the members of a Department Group.
  • Page 80: Door Box

    Door Box i-Series System To activate or deactivate Do Not Disturb: 1. TALK + 847. If you wait more than 10 seconds before going to step 3, your system automatically enables option 3. If you already have DND enabled, waiting more than 10 seconds cancels 2.
  • Page 81: Forced Trunk Disconnect

    i-Series System Group Call Pickup Forced Trunk Disconnect Forced Trunk Disconnect enables you to disconnect (release) another exten- sion’s active outside call if you need to use their line. You can then place a call on the released line. C A U T I O N Forced Trunk Disconnect abruptly terminates the active call on the line.
  • Page 82: Headset

    Headset i-Series System To answer a call ringing a phone in another Pickup Group: When you don’t know the Pickup Group number 1. TALK + FUNCTION KEY (Pickup). 1. TALK + 869. When you know the Pickup Group number 1. TALK + FUNCTION KEY (Pickup). 1.
  • Page 83: Last Number Redial

    i-Series System Line Preference To Transfer your outside call to your Hotline partner: 1. FUNCTION KEY (Hotline) + Announce call and hang up. 1. FUNCTION KEY (Hotline) + Hang up to have your call wait at your Hotline partner unannounced. If unanswered, the call recalls to you.
  • Page 84: Meet-Me Conference

    Meet Me Conference i-Series System Preference. If you frequently call outside your company, use Outgoing Trunk Line Preference. If you have Incoming Idle Line Preference, Outgoing Line Preference also determines how your phone works as a call rings. Meet Me Conference Use Meet Me Conference to have a telephone meeting which lets others join if they choose.
  • Page 85: Meet Me Paging

    i-Series System Meet Me Paging To join a Meet Me Internal Conference: 1. TALK + 863 (if your phone is in the zone called). 1. TALK + 864 + Zone (0-9 or 00-64) (if your phone is not in the zone called).
  • Page 86: Message Waiting

    Don’t keep recalling a busy or unanswered co-worker. Leave them a Message Waiting request for a return call instead. The request is a MSG icon (on a 900i phone) or a flashing MW lamp (on a keyset) at the extension you call and a MSG icon on your phone.
  • Page 87: Microphone Cutoff

    i-Series System Multiple Directory Numbers Microphone Cutoff Microphone Mute allows you to turn off your phone’s microphone at any time. When you activate Microphone Mute, you can still listen to your caller but your caller cannot hear your voice. To use Microphone Mute: 1.
  • Page 88: Night Service

    Night Service i-Series System To place a call to a Multiple Directory Number: 1. TALK. 2. FUNCTION KEY (Multiple Directory Number). 2. Dial virtual extension number. Night Service You may be able to activate Night Service for your system. Used after normal working hours, Night Service redirects your system’s incoming calls to where they should ring at night.
  • Page 89: Off Hook Signaling

    i-Series System Off Hook Signaling Night Mode Key Midnight Mode Key Rest Mode Key Day 2 Mode Key Night 2 Mode Key Midnight 2 Mode Key Rest 2 Mode Key To use Universal Answer to pick up a UNA call: 1.
  • Page 90: One-Touch Calling

    One Touch Calling i-Series System To send Off Hook Signals to an extension busy on a handset call: 1. Press 7. 1. FUNCTION KEY (Off Hook Signaling). If you hear ringback tone, dial 1 to have your call voice- announce (and visa-versa). To have Off Hook Signals ring your extension: 1.
  • Page 91: Paging

    i-Series System Paging Paging Internal Paging Need to locate a co-worker or make an announcement? Use Internal Paging. Your system can have All Call Internal Paging and up to 64 zones of Internal Paging. When you make an All Call Paging announcement, your voice broadcasts to all extensions set to receive All Call Paging.
  • Page 92: Park

    Park i-Series System Park Have a call for a co-worker and can’t find them? Put their call in a waiting state called Park so they can pick it up. After you Park the call, Page the co- worker you want to receive the call and hang up. When your co-worker hears the Page, they dial the orbit or press a Park key to pick up the call.
  • Page 93: Park And Page (Vau)

    i-Series System Park and Page (VAU) Park and Page (VAU) This feature requires a Voice Announce Unit (VAU). When you are away from your phone, Park and Page can let you know when you have a call waiting to be answered. To enable Park and Page, you record a Personal Greeting along with an additional Paging announcement.
  • Page 94: Personal Greeting

    Personal Greeting i-Series System Personal Greeting Personal Greeting requires a Voice Announce Unit (VAU). Use Personal Greeting to forward your calls and automatically play a recorded message to your callers. This lets you add a personal touch to your Call Forwards.
  • Page 95: Programmable Function Keys

    i-Series System Programmable Function Keys Programmable Function Keys Customize your phone by storing features or outside lines under your Programmable Function Keys. For example, instead of dialing *0 to return a Message Waiting, just press your Message Waiting function key instead. To program a function key: 1.
  • Page 96 Programmable Function Keys i-Series System Programmable Function Key Codes For this feature Use key When you are Or dial code Group Call Pickup 1007 Answering a call ringing another phone in your Pickup Group 1008 Answering a call ringing a phone in another Pickup Group-if you don’t know the group number 1009 +...
  • Page 97: Reverse Voice Over

    i-Series System Reverse Voice Over Programmable Function Key Codes For this feature Use key When you are Or dial code Paging, Internal 1006 + zone Broadcasting to an Internal 801 + zone Paging Zone 1076 Broadcasting an Internal 801 + 0 All Call Page or 00 Park...
  • Page 98: Ringdown

    Ringdown i-Series System Reverse Voice Over is great, for example, if you’re busy on the phone and you need an associate to get you a file. While your caller is talking: Press the Reverse Voice Over key. Request the file. Return to the call without the caller even knowing you were gone.
  • Page 99: Save Number Dialed

    i-Series System Secretary Call To use Ringdown: 1. TALK. To bypass Ringdown (for Ringdown Extension only): 1. Do not press TALK. 2. Press line key for outside call 2. TALK + Place Intercom call before Ringdown goes through. To answer a call if you are a Ringdown Destination: 1.
  • Page 100: Secretary Call

    Secretary Call i-Series System Secretary Call Secretary Call Buzzer Secretary Call Buzzer lets you alert a co-worker without disturbing their work. They can then call you on the Intercom when it’s convenient. To use this fea- ture, both you and your co-worker must have Secretary Call Buzzer keys. When you press your buzzer key, your co-worker gets a beep and their buzzer key starts to flash.
  • Page 101: Selectable Display Messages

    i-Series System Selectable Display Messages To cancel Secretary Call Pickup: 1. Do not press TALK. 2. Press FUNCTION KEY (Secretary Call Pickup). You hear a beep. Selectable Display Messages Activate a Selectable Display Message when you leave your desk. A co-worker calling your extension will see the message you activated on their telephone’s display.
  • Page 102: Tandem Trunking

    Serial Call i-Series System To cancel a message: 1. TALK + *4. 1. TALK + FUNCTION KEY (Call Forward to Device). 2. Press 3. 3. TALK to hang up. Serial Call Do you have a caller that wants to talk to a co-worker, but needs to consult with you when they are done? If so, use Serial Call.
  • Page 103 i-Series System Tandem Trunking Method A To make a line-to-line Conference: 1. Set up first outside call. This can be a call you placed or answered. 2. Press CONF. 3. Set up second outside call. 4. Press CONF twice. You now have a Conference between you and the two out- side parties.
  • Page 104: Trunk Queuing

    Trunk Queuing i-Series System Trunk Queuing When you try to place an outside call and hear busy tone from your own phone system, you don’t have to hang up and try again later. Use Trunk Queuing to leave a request for the busy line to call you when it’s free. Just answer when Trunk Queuing rings you back and dial your call again.
  • Page 105: Voice Mail

    i-Series System Voice Mail If erasing, you can cancel erasing by pressing HOLD before hanging up. 4. TALK to hang up. Voice Mail This feature requires an optional NVM-Series Voice Mail system. Tired and frustrated by missed calls, inaccurately written messages and tele- phone tag? End these hassles with Integrated Voice Mail.
  • Page 106: Voice Over

    Voice Over i-Series System Forwarding Calls to Your Mailbox To activate or cancel Call Forwarding: 1. TALK + *2. 1. TALK + FUNCTION KEY (Call Forward to Station). 2. Dial Call Forwarding condition: 2 = Busy or not answered 4 = Immediate 6 = Not answered 0 = Cancel 3.
  • Page 107: Voice Prompting Messages

    i-Series System Voice Prompting Messages When the key is . . . You are . . . Not using Voice Over Flashing Listening to the interrupting party Responding to the interrupting party To initiate a Voice Over to a busy co-worker: You can only leave a Voice Over if you hear two Off Hook Signaling tones.
  • Page 108: Volume Controls

    Volume Controls i-Series System Voice Prompting Messages Message This message will play when . . . The number you have dialed is You dial a Service Code that Class of not in service Service prevents. Your call cannot go through, Toll Restriction has denied your call.
  • Page 109: Charts And Illustrations

    Charts and Illustrations Charts and Illustrations This section contains handy charts and illustrations for your reference. You’ll find: • The dialing plan (the numbers you dial) -- for Onyx VSi see below, for i- Series see page 2-92. • Telephone key layout -- see page 2-93 •...
  • Page 110 Charts and Illustrations i-Series SYSTEM - Your System’s Dialing Plan Due to the flexibility built into the system, your dialing codes may differ from those in this guide. Check with your Communications Manager and make a note in the Revised Codes column of any differences.
  • Page 111: Telephone Layout

    Telephone Layout Base, Desktop Charger and Handset Layout Base Unit Desktop Charger Antenna cordless desk status Desk Phone charge 1 charge 2 Button Battery Cordless Phone Status LED Desk Phone Charge LED Button Spare Battery Cordless Phone Charge LED Antenna Earpiece Headset Jack Ringer On/Off Switch...
  • Page 112 - For Your Notes - 2-94...
  • Page 113 Flash Rates ONYX VSi SYSTEM - Telephone LED Flash Rates Your phone is idle (not on a All LEDs out (dark) (phone), call) Status LED ON (base) Outside Calls An outside line is busy The line key is On An outside call is ringing your The line key flashes Slowly phone if it’s shared, Off then flashing...
  • Page 114 Flash Rates i-Series SYSTEM - Telephone LED Flash Rates Your phone is idle (not on a All LEDs out (dark) (phone), call) Status LED ON (base) Outside Calls An outside line is busy The line key is On An outside call is ringing your The line key flashes Slowly phone And then you answer it...
  • Page 115 Quick Reference ONYX VSi SYSTEM - Quick Reference Outside Calls Placing: TALK + Line key + Dial number Answering: TALK (if not connected, press flashing Answering ringing over TALK + * + 0 paging speakers: Intercom Calls Placing: TALK + Dial extension (if you hear ring-busy, you may be able to dial 1 to get through) Press TALK...
  • Page 116 - For Your Notes - 2-98...
  • Page 117 Quick Reference i-Series SYSTEM - Quick Reference Outside Calls Placing: TALK + Line key + Dial number Answering: TALK (if not connected, press flashing Answering ringing over TALK + # + 0 paging speakers: Intercom Calls Placing: TALK + Dial extension (if you hear ring-busy, you may be able to dial 7 to get through) Press TALK...
  • Page 118 - For Your Notes - 2-100...
  • Page 119 Section 3 Specifications / Parts List In this section Page Specifications ..... .3-3 Parts List ......3-6...
  • Page 120 SPECIFICATIONS...
  • Page 121 SPECIFICATIONS General Frequency Control Phase Lock Loop Modulation Maximum Number of 900i Cordless Phones Within Range of Each Other (not per system) 30 (but only 25 are recommended) Power Requirements Base Unit 10 V DC from supplied AC Adapter Desktop Charger...
  • Page 122 SPECIFICATIONS FCC Registration Information Model: 900i Manufacturer: NEC Infrontia, Inc. Sample FCC Part 15 Registration: AMWUD905 (Refer to the label on the Base Unit for the FCC Registration Number.) Cabling Requirements 1. Do not run station cable in parallel with the AC source, telex or computer, etc.
  • Page 123 SPECIFICATIONS Mechanical Specifications Base Unit Width Depth Height Weight 4 1/2” 7 5/8” 2 1/2” 15.6 oz. Handset Width Depth Height Weight 2 1/4” 6 3/4” 1 1/2” 8.7 oz. (with battery) Desktop Charger Width Depth Height Weight 3 3/4” 4 1/4”...
  • Page 124 PARTS LIST Parts List Description Part Number 900i Cordless Phone 85456D To be used with NEC’s phone system. includes: AC Adaptors (9V and 10V) spare 500mAh battery Belt Clip Wall Mount Base 85473 Battery - 500 mAh 85478 Battery Backup AC Adapter...
  • Page 125 Section 4 Index In this section Page Index ......4-1...
  • Page 126 SPECIFICATIONS...
  • Page 127 INDEX Cabling Requirements ..3-4 Abbreviated Dialing (i-Series) . .2-51 Call Coverage (i-Series) ..2-69 Account Codes (i-Series) ..2-52 Call Coverage (Onyx VSi) ..2-34 Forced (i-Series) .
  • Page 128 INDEX Post-Answer Display Dialing 9 or 90-98 (Onyx VSi) .2-9 (Onyx VSi) ....2-15 Dialing Behind a PBX Pre Answer Display (i-Series) ....2-42 (Onyx VSi) .
  • Page 129 INDEX Forced Trunk Disconnect Connecting Phone Line ..1-6 (i-Series) ....2-63 Connecting Phone Cord ..1-6 Forwarding Calls to Your Handset Battery Mailbox (i-Series) .
  • Page 130 INDEX Overriding Toll Restriction Mandatory Account Codes (i-Series) ....2-43 (Onyx VSi) ....2-13 Overriding Toll Restriction Mechanical Specifications .
  • Page 131 INDEX Quick Reference (Onyx VSi) . .2-97 One-Touch Speed Dial Keys (Onyx VSi) ... .2-31 Personal Speed Dial Receive/Transmit Information .3-5 (Onyx VSi) ....2-31 Record Key (for Voice Storing a Pause or Flash Mail) (i-Series) .
  • Page 132 INDEX Transfer (i-Series) ..2-46 (i-Series) ....2-52 Group (i-Series) ...2-46 (Onyx VSi) .
  • Page 133 NEC America, Inc., Corporate Networks Group 4 Forest Parkway, Shelton, CT 06484 Tel: 800-365-1928 Fax: 203-926-5458 Other Important Telephone Numbers Sales: ........203-926-5450 Customer Service: .
  • Page 134 NEC America Inc., Corporate Networks Group 4 Forest Parkway, Shelton, CT 06484 203-926-5400 203-929-0535 TEL: FAX: Part No. 85456DINS02 April 2001 Issue 1-0 Printed in U.S.A. (2106)

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