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Additional Troubleshooting Information; Maintenance; Cisco Unified Ip Conference Phone 8831 Reset Or Restore; Settings Reset - Cisco 8831 Administration Manual

Unified ip conference phone unified communications manager 9.0
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Troubleshooting and maintenance
Step 3
If you are using DHCP, check the IP addresses distributed by your DHCP server. See Understanding and
Troubleshooting DHCP in Catalyst Switch or Enterprise Networks, available at this URL:
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Network Setup menu, on page 62

Additional troubleshooting information

If you have additional questions about troubleshooting the conference phone, several web sites
can provide you with more tips. Choose from the sites available for your access level.
• Conference Phone Troubleshooting Resources:
• Cisco Products and Services (Technical Support and Documentation):


The following sections describe phone maintenance.

Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 reset or restore

The following sections describe the methods for resetting or restoring the phone.

Settings reset

Performing a reset of a conference phone provides a way to recover if the conference phone experiences an
error. The Reset Settings menu on the device has three options:
• All
• Network
• Security
You can reset a conference phone with any time after the conference phone has started up.
To reset the device, press Apps > Admin Settings > Reset Settings, then select which settings to reset back
to factory defaults: All, Network, or Security.

Quality Report Tool

The Quality Report Tool (QRT) is a voice quality and general problem-reporting tool for the conference
phone. The QRT feature is installed as part of Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 Administration Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.0
Additional troubleshooting information


Table of Contents

Table of Contents