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Cisco 8831 User Manual

Unified ip phone
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Cloud Voice Service
Cisco Unified IP Phone 8831 User Guide
(Version 2.0)


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  • Page 1 Cloud Voice Service Cisco Unified IP Phone 8831 User Guide (Version 2.0)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Cloud Voice Service Table of Content Phone Set Features and Functions ..............3 Operation for IP Phone 8831 ................3 Hardware and Buttons ..................4 2.1 Display Control Unit ....................4 2.2 Sound Base ......................5 Preference Setup ....................6 Adjusting Ringer Volume and Ringtone ............
  • Page 3: Phone Set Features And Functions

    5 Linked Mode daisy Supports the connection of two base stations in Linked Mode. chain port Notes: IP Phone 8831 cannot function properly when there is a failure in power supply. Version 2.0 © WTT HK Limited 2017...
  • Page 4: Hardware And Buttons

    Cloud Voice Service Hardware and Buttons 2.1 Display Control Unit Item Description Phone screen LCD screen that displays conference phone menus and features. Softkeys 4 softkeys. Navigation bar 2-way Navigation bar and Select key that allows you to scroll and Select key menus and select items on the display.
  • Page 5: Sound Base

    Cloud Voice Service Keypad Allows you to dial phone numbers and enter letters. Mute button Toggles the Mute feature. A red backlight indicates a call is on mute. Volume button 2-way button switch that raises the volume of the speaker. 2.2 Sound Base Item Description...
  • Page 6: Preference Setup

    Cloud Voice Service Preference Setup Adjusting Ringer Volume and Ringtone You can also change the volume or ringing tone to suit your business environment by the following procedures. 3.1.1 Change Volume 1. Press the Volume button up or down to adjust the loudness of the ringtone.
  • Page 7: Basic Features

    Cloud Voice Service 4. Press the Save softkey to confirm the contrast level, or just press the Cancel softkey to exit without changing the setting. Basic Features Placing a Call 1. To make a new call, press the New Call softkey or Call button 2.
  • Page 8: Muting A Call

    Cloud Voice Service Muting a Call 1. Press the Mute button 2. To disengage mute, press Mute button again. Putting a Call on Hold During the call conversation, you can put the other call party temporarily on- hold. 1. To put a call on hold, ...
  • Page 9: Forwarding Calls To Another Phone

    Cloud Voice Service Forwarding Calls to another Phone 4.9.1 Setting up Call Forwarding from your IP Phone 1. Press the Fwd All softkey. You will hear two beeps. 2. Enter the destination number to which you want to forward all of your calls, as if you were placing a call to that number.
  • Page 10: Placing A Conference Call

    Cloud Voice Service 6. To cancel call forwarding, please log onto Cloud Voice User Portal again to deactivate the call forwarding setting accordingly. Note: Starter Cloud Voice Password is your Cloud Voice Number 4.10 Placing a Conference Call During the call conversation, you can invite more business partners to join the conversation by means of N-way Conference Call.
  • Page 11: Voicemail Service

    Cloud Voice Service 5. VoiceMail Service Activating VoiceMail 5.1.1 Activating VoiceMail on your IP Phone 1. Press the Msgs softkey. 2. Enter your VoiceMail PIN followed by “#” 3. Follow the voice instructions to change the VoiceMail PIN to activate the VoiceMail service.
  • Page 12: Remote Access To Voicemail

    Cloud Voice Service Remote Access to VoiceMail 1. Dial the access number 2112-1234. [Please dial (852) 2112-1234 when you are accessing VoiceMail service from overseas.] 2. A welcome greeting message will be announced and please select the language by pressing ‘1’ for Cantonese and ‘2’ for English. 3.
  • Page 13: Using The Phone Log

    Cloud Voice Service Using the Phone Log If your phone display indicates that you have missed calls, you can use the Missed Call option on the Directory menu to view your call history and to call back the person you have missed. You can also view call history and place calls from the Received Calls and Placed Calls directories.
  • Page 14: Password Management

    Cloud Voice User Portal Presence Communicator Service – Cisco Unified Personal Communicator (Account and VoiceMail Login) Mobility Apps Services – Cisco Jabber (Configuration of VoiceMail, Desk Phone Integration and Corporate Directory) Retrieval of VocieMail via Outlook 2000 Change The IP Phone PIN Visit
  • Page 15 Cloud Voice Service Enter Current PIN Enter New PIN and Confirm PIN Click Save Note: Starter IP Phone PIN is your Cloud Voice Number The New IP Phone PIN will be applied to the following services Personal Directory Extension Mobility Version 2.0 ©...

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