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Dell D610 - Latitude Centrino Laptop 1.6ghz 512mb 40gb Wifi Xp Pro 14" Lcd Specifications: About Passwords; Using A Primary Password; Using An Administrator Password

User guide.
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Dell™ Latitude™ D610 User's Guide
  About Passwords
  Using a Primary Password
  Using an Administrator Password
  Using a Hard Drive Password
  About Asset Tags
  Enabling Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
 About Passwords
Passwords are disabled when you receive your computer.
A primary password, an administrator password, and a hard drive password all prevent unauthorized access to your computer in different ways. The following
table identifies types and features of passwords available on your computer.
Type of Password
Hard drive
Only hard drives purchased from Dell for use with the Dell™ Latitude™ D-Family computers support hard drive passwords.
Passwords provide a high level of security for data in your computer or hard drive. However, they are not foolproof. If you require more
security, obtain and use additional forms of protection, such as smart cards, data encryption programs, or PC Cards with encryption features.
If you forget any of your passwords, contact your system administrator or
your identity to ensure that only an authorized person can use the computer.
 Using a Primary Password
The primary password allows you to protect the computer from unauthorized access.
When you first start your computer, you must assign a primary password at the prompt.
After assigning a primary password, you must enter it each time you turn on your computer. The following message appears each time you turn on the
Please type in the primary or administrator password and press <Enter>.
To continue, enter your password (with no more than eight characters).
If you do not enter a password within 2 minutes, the computer returns to its previous operating state.
If you disable the administrator password, the primary password is also disabled.
If you have assigned an administrator password, you can use it instead of the primary password. The computer does not specifically prompt you for the
administrator password.
 Using an Administrator Password
The administrator password is designed to give system administrators or service technicians access to computers for repair or reconfiguration. The
administrators or technicians can assign identical administrator passwords to groups of computers, allowing you to assign the primary password.
 Protects the computer from unauthorized
 Gives system administrators or service
technicians access to computers for repair or
 Allows you to restrict access to system setup
in the same way a primary password restricts
access to the computer
 Can be used instead of the primary password
 Helps protect the data on your hard drive or
external hard drive (if one is being used) from
unauthorized access
Dell. For your protection, Dell technical support staff will ask you for proof of


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