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Dell D610 - Latitude Centrino Laptop 1.6ghz 512mb 40gb Wifi Xp Pro 14" Lcd Specifications Page 60

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wallpaper — The background pattern or picture on the Windows desktop. Change your wallpaper through the Windows Control Panel. You can also scan in
your favorite picture and make it wallpaper.
write-protected — Files or media that cannot be changed. Use write-protection when you want to protect data from being changed or destroyed. To write-
protect a 3.5-inch floppy, slide its write-protect tab to the open position.
XGA — extended graphics array — A video standard for video adapters and controllers that supports resolutions up to 1024 x 768.
ZIF — zero insertion force — A type of socket or connector that allows a computer chip to be installed or removed with no stress applied to either the chip or
its socket.
Zip — A popular data compression format. Files that have been compressed with the Zip format are called Zip files and usually have a filename extension
of .zip. A special kind of zipped file is a self-extracting file, which has a filename extension of .exe. You can unzip a self-extracting file by double-clicking it.
Zip drive — A high-capacity floppy drive developed by Iomega Corporation that uses 3.5-inch removable disks called Zip disks. Zip disks are slightly larger than
regular floppies, about twice as thick, and hold up to 100 MB of data.
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