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Dell D610 - Latitude Centrino Laptop 1.6ghz 512mb 40gb Wifi Xp Pro 14" Lcd Specifications: Bottom View

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Connects a parallel device, such as a printer.
video connector
Connects an external monitor. For more information, see
serial connector
Connects serial devices, such as a mouse or handheld device.
AC adapter connector —
Attach an AC adapter to the computer.
The AC adapter converts AC power to the DC power required by the computer. You can connect the AC adapter with your computer turned either on or off.
The AC adapter works with electrical outlets worldwide. However, power connectors and power strips vary among countries. Using an
incompatible cable or improperly connecting the cable to the power strip or electrical outlet may cause fire or equipment damage.
When you disconnect the AC adapter cable from the computer, grasp the connector, not the cable itself, and pull firmly but gently to avoid
damaging the cable.
air vents —
The computer uses an internal fan to create airflow through the vents, which prevents the computer from overheating.
Do not block, push objects into, or allow dust to accumulate in the air vents. Do not store your computer in a low-airflow environment,
such as a closed briefcase, while it is running. Restricting the airflow can damage the computer or cause a fire.
The computer turns on the fan when the computer gets hot. Fan noise is normal and does not indicate a problem with the fan or the computer.
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