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Dell D610 - Latitude Centrino Laptop 1.6ghz 512mb 40gb Wifi Xp Pro 14" Lcd Specifications Page 75

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To prevent damage to the memory module connector, do not use tools to spread the memory-module securing clips.
3. If you are replacing a memory module, ground yourself and remove the existing module:
a.  Use your fingertips to carefully spread apart the securing clips on each end of the memory module connector until the module pops up.
b.  Remove the module from the connector.
1 securing clips (2 per connector)
2 memory module
If you need to install memory modules in two connectors, install a memory module in the connector labeled "DIMMA" before you install a
module in the connector labeled "DIMMB." Insert memory modules at a 45-degree angle to avoid damaging the connector.
4. Ground yourself and install the new memory module:
If the memory module is not installed properly, the computer may not boot properly. No error message indicates this failure.
a.  Align the notch in the module edge connector with the tab in the connector slot.
b.  Slide the module firmly into the slot at a 45-degree angle, and rotate the module down until it clicks into place. If you do not feel the click, remove
the module and reinstall it.
5. Replace the cover.
If the cover is difficult to close, remove the module and reinstall it. Forcing the cover to close may damage your computer.
6. Insert the battery into the battery bay, or connect the AC adapter to your computer and an electrical outlet.
7. Turn on the computer.
As the computer boots, it detects the additional memory and automatically updates the system configuration information.
To confirm the amount of memory installed in the computer:
1. Click the Start button, click Help and Support, and then click Computer Information.
If you ordered the optional modem at the same time that you ordered your computer, the modem is already installed.
Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety instructions in the Product Information Guide.


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