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Dell D610 - Latitude Centrino Laptop 1.6ghz 512mb 40gb Wifi Xp Pro 14" Lcd Specifications: Enabling The Tpm Feature

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To use one of the asset tag options (see the following table):
1. Boot the computer using the bootable floppy disk you created in "Using the Dell™ Portables Asset Tag Utility."
2. Type asset and a space followed by the option, and then press <Enter>.
Asset Tag Option
/o owner tag
/o /d
 Enabling Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
The TPM feature supports encryption only if the operating system supports TPM. For more information, see the software documentation.
TPM is a hardware-based security feature that can be used to create and manage computer-generated encryption keys. When combined with security
software, TPM enhances existing network and computer security by enabling features such as file protection capabilities and protected e-mail. The TPM feature
is enabled through a TPM system setup option.
If you use TPM, you must follow the backup procedures in the documentation that came with the software to secure your TPM data and
encryption keys. In the event of these backups being incomplete, lost, or damaged, Dell will be unable to assist in the recovery of encrypted data.

Enabling the TPM Feature

1. Turn on your computer.
2. If necessary, install the TPM software.
The TPM software is factory-installed in the C:\Dell\TPM directory. You can also download it from
3. Run the setup.exe file:
a.  Follow the instructions to install the Broadcom Secure Foundation software.
b.  If you are using TPM on your computer for the first time, proceed to
4. To enable the TPM software:
a.  Restart the computer and press <F2> during the Power On Self Test to enter the system setup program. 
b.  Open the Security menu in system setup.
c.  Select the TPM Security menu option and press <Enter>.
d.  Set the TPM security option to On.
e.  Press <Esc> to exit the setup program.
f.  If prompted, select Save/Exit.
5. Activate the TPM setup program:
a.  Boot your computer to the Microsoft® Windows® operating system.
b.  Click Start® Programs® Broadcom Security Platforms Tools. Then, click the icon for the Security Platform Initialization Wizard.
You only need to activate the program once.
c.  Follow the instructions to activate the TPM setup program.
You will be prompted to restart your computer once the process is complete.
6. Physically activate the TPM:
a.  Restart the computer and press <F2> during the Power On Self Test to enter the system setup program.
b.  Open the Security menu in system setup and select the TPM Activation menu option.
c.  Set the TPM activation state to Activate.
d.  Save the changes and restart your computer.
Deletes the asset tag
Specifies a new owner tag
Deletes the owner tag
Displays the Asset Tag utility help screen
4, otherwise continue with


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