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Electrical Requirements - Kenmore HE4t 110.4508 Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

Front-loading automatic washer
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EHectrical Shock Hazard
Plug into a grounded
3 prong outBet.
Do not remove ground
Do not use an adapter.
Do not use an extension
Fa}_ure to follow these instructions can resuJt in death,
fire, or electrical
A 120-volt, 60-Hz., AC-only, 15- or 20-amp, fused electrical
supply is required. A time-delay fuse or circuit breaker is
It is recommended
that a separate circuit
serving only this appliance be provided.
This washer is equipped with a power supply cord having a
3 prong grounding
To minimize possible shock hazard, the cord must be
plugged into a mating, 3 prong, grounding-type
grounded in accordance with local codes and ordinances. If a
mating outlet is not available, it is the personal responsibility
and obligation of the customer to have the properly grounded
outlet installed by a qualified electrician.
If codes permit and a separate ground wire is used, it is
that a qualified electrician determine that the
ground path is adequate.
Do not ground to a gas pipe.
Check with a qualified electrician if you are not sure the
washer is properly grounded.
Do not have a fuse in the neutral or ground circuit.
For a grounded,
This washer must be grounded. In the event of a maIfunction
or breakdown, grounding wiII reduce the risk of electrical
shock by providing a path of Ieast resistance for electric
current. This washer is equipped with a cord having an
conductor and a grounding pIug. The
plug must be plugged into an appropriate
outlet that is
properIy instalIed and grounded in accordance with all local
codes and ordinances.
improper connection of the equipment-
grounding conductor can result in a risk of electric shock.
Check with a qualified electrician or serviceman if you are in
doubt as to whether the appliance is properly grounded.
Do not modify the plug provided with the appliance - if it will
not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified
For a permanently
This washer must be connected to a grounded metal,
permanent wiring system, or an equipment grounding
conductor must be run with the circuit conductors and
connected to the equipment-grounding
terminal or lead on
the appliance.

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Table of Contents

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